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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Terapia sistémica de pareja en la depresión: un estudio de caso únicoFeixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Muñoz Cano, Dámaris; Dada, Gloria; Compañ, Victoria; Arroyo Andreu, Susana
18-Jan-2013A comparison of mean phase difference and generalized least squares for analyzing single-case dataManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
2012Assigning and combining probabilities in single-case studiesManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
2010Estimating slope and level change in N=1 designsSolanas Pérez, Antonio; Manolov, Rumen; Onghena, Patrick
2010Regression-based techniques for statistical decision making in single-case designsManolov, Rumen; Arnau Gras, Jaume; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Bono Cabré, Roser
2009Percentage of nonoverlapping corrected dataManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
2009Factors affecting visual analysis in single-case designsXimenes, Veronica M.; Manolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Quera, Vicenç (Quera Jordana)
2010Comparing 'visual' effect size indices for single-case designsManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Leiva Ureña, David
2009Problems of the randomization test for AB designsManolov, Rumen; Solanas Pérez, Antonio
2008Random assignment of intervention points in two phase single-case designs: data-division-specific distributionsSolanas Pérez, Antonio; Sierra, Vicenta; Quera, Vicenç (Quera Jordana); Manolov, Rumen