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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Filtered A-infinity structures in complex geometryCirici, Joana; Sopena Gilboy, Anna
24-Jan-2023Orientation change on a fibered link componentPunset i Pou, Pau
2-May-2023Triangular arrangements on the projective planeMarchesi, Simone; Vallès, Jean
2023Classification of the invariants of foliations by curves of low degree on the three-dimensional projective spaceCorrêa, Maurício; Jardim, Marcos; Marchesi, Simone
19-Aug-2015Pure Lovelock Kasner metricsCamanho, Xián O.; Dadhich, N.; Molina, Alfred
2-Sep-2014Weight filtration on the cohomology of complex analytic spacesCirici, Joana; Guillén Santos, Francisco
5-Nov-2014$E_{1}$-Formality of complex algebraic varietiesCirici, Joana; Guillén Santos, Francisco
16-Jan-2017Lefschetz properties in algebra and geometrySalat Moltó, Martí
Aug-1990Sur le théorème locale des cycles invariantsGuillén Santos, Francisco; Navarro, Vicenç (Navarro Aznar)
1-Jan-1999On the diagonals of a Rees algebraLavila Vidal, Olga