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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Soliton solutions and cosmological gravitational wavesCarr, B.J.; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
1987Cosmic strings and Einstein-Rosen soliton wavesGarriga Torres, Jaume; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
1999Finite energy Dirac-Born-Infeld monopoles and string junctionsGauntlett, J. P.; Koehl, C.; Mateos, David (Mateos Solé); Townsend, Paul K.; Zamaklar, M.
1987Gravitational wave pulse and soliton wave collisionCéspedes i Capdevila, Juli; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
1983Soliton collision in general relativityIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
1989A family of inhomogeneous cosmological Einstein - Rosen metricsOliver, Gabriel; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
Jun-2016Dark solitary waves in 1D Bose-Einstein condensatesBravo Prieto, Carlos
Jan-2018Bright and dark solitons in a Bose-Einstein condensateMalo Roset, Laura
1-May-2018Generation and annihilation time of magnetic droplet solitonsHang, Jinting; Hahn, Christian; Statuto, Nahuel; Macià Bros, Ferran; Kent, Andrew D.
Jun-2023Bright soliton dynamics in confining and expelling potentialsParcerisa Conesa, Marc