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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2015A 3D Visual Interface for Critiquing-based Recommenders: Architecture and InteractionContreras Aguilar, David; Salamó Llorente, Maria; Rodríguez Santiago, Inmaculada; Puig Puig, Anna
13-Jun-2023DreamText: Harnessing text descriptions as an intermediate step for 3D reconstructionPuriy Puriy, Nazar
1-Oct-2019Earth-gravity congruent motion facilitates ocular control for pursuit of parabolic trajectories.Jörges, Björn; López-Moliner, Joan
20-Jun-2021Procedural content generation for landscapesBarrio Morra, Francisco
Feb-2015Including Conversational Agents into Structured Hybrid 3D Virtual EnvironmentsAlmajano, Pablo; López Sánchez, Maite; Rodríguez Santiago, Inmaculada; Mayas Márquez, Enric
20-Jun-2021Procedural generation of animations with inverse kinematicsCadevall Soto, Lydia
19-Jul-2022The first fossil Hybocephalini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) from the middle Eocene of Europe and its evolutionary and biogeographic implicationsYin, Zi-Wei; Tihelka, Erik; Lozano-Fernandez, Jesus; Cai, Chen-Yang
13-Jun-2022Graph convolutional networks for 3D garment registrationMorales Carrasco, Ángel
10-Jan-2022µMatch: 3D shape correspondence for biological image dataKlatzow, James; Dalmasso, Giovanni; Martínez Abadías, Neus, 1978-; Sharpe, James; Uhlmann, Virginie
2019A multi-scalar photogrammetric recording approach in Termez (Uzbekistan)Angás Pajas, Jorge; Uribe, Paula; Ariño Gil, Enrique; Gurt, Josep M. (Josep Maria), 1951-; Martínez Ferreras, Verónica; Pidaev, Shakir