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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Dec-2019Mineralogy and Distribution of Critical Elements in 1 the Sn-W-Pb-Ag-Zn Huanuni Deposit, BoliviaCacho, Andreu; Melgarejo i Draper, Joan-Carles; Camprubí, Antoni; Torró i Abat, Lisard; Castillo Oliver, Montgarri; Torres, Belén; Artiaga, David; Tauler i Ferré, Esperança; Martínez, Álvaro; Campeny, Marc; Alfonso Abella, María Pura; Arce-Burgoa, Osvaldo R.
31-Jul-2019The Poopó Polymetallic Epithermal Deposit, Bolivia: Mineralogy, Genetic Constraints, and Distribution of Critical ElementsTorres, Belén; Melgarejo i Draper, Joan-Carles; Torró i Abat, Lisard; Camprubí, Antoni; Castillo Oliver, Montgarri; Artiaga, David; Campeny, Marc; Tauler i Ferré, Esperança; Jiménez Franco, María Abigail; Alfonso Abella, María Pura; Arce-Burgoa, Osvaldo R.
Jul-2020Exploring the dynamic of Sn for the synthesis of high efficiency Cu2ZnSnSe4 based solar cellsNavarro Güell, Alejandro
2014Carbon dioxide efflux during the flooding phase of temporary pondsCatalán García, Núria; Schiller Calle, Daniel von; Marcé Romero, Rafael; Koschorreck, Matthias; Gomez-Gener, Luís; Obrador Sala, Biel
1-Mar-2021The Role of Methane Transport From the Active Layer in Sustaining Methane Emissions and Food Chains in Subarctic PondsOlid Garcia, Carolina; Zannella, A.; Lau, D.C.P.
23-Jun-2015Trophic strategies of a non-native and a native amphibian species in shared ponds.San Sebastián Mendoza, Olatz; Navarro, Joan; Llorente, Gustavo A.; Richter Boix, Alex
Jan-2017Development of a selective scintillation resin for the analysis of radioactive tinVillarroya Arenas, Ignasi
26-Feb-2015Anodic tin oxide films: fundamentals and applicationsPalacios Padrós, Anna
2011The Electronic Structure of Co-Sputtered Zinc Indium Tin Oxide Thin FilmsCarreras Seguí, Paz; Gutmann, Sebastian; Antony, Aldrin; Bertomeu i Balagueró, Joan; Schlaf, Rudy
14-Feb-2018Dry habitats sustain high CO2 emissions from temporary ponds across seasonsObrador Sala, Biel; von Schiller, Daniel; Marce, Rafael; Gómez Gener, Lluís; Koschorreck, Matthias; Borrego, Carles; Catalan, Nuria