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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Quantum real wave-packet dynamics of the N(4S) + NO (X2Π) → N2(X1Σg+) + O(3P) reaction on the ground and first excited triplet potential energy surfaces: Rate constants, cross sections and product distributionsGamallo Belmonte, Pablo; Sayós Ortega, Ramón; González Pérez, Miguel; Petrongolo, Carlo; Defazio, Paolo
2003Quantum wave packet dynamics of the 13A'' N(4S) + NO(X2Π) → N2(X1Σg+)+ O(3P) reactionGamallo Belmonte, Pablo; González Pérez, Miguel; Sayós Ortega, Ramón; Petrongolo, Carlo
2003Quantum reactive scattering calculations of cross sections and rate constants for the N(2D) + O2(X3Σg-) → O(3Π) + NO(X2Π) reactionMiquel, Irene; González Pérez, Miguel; Sayós Ortega, Ramón; Balint-Kurti, Gabriel G.; Gray, Stephen P.; Goldfied, Evelyn M.
14-Oct-2013Performance Analysis of Two Quantum Reaction Dynamics Codes: Time-Dependent and Time-Independent StrategiesGamallo Belmonte, Pablo; González Pérez, Miguel; Huarte Larrañaga, Fermín
23-May-2017Generalized synchronization between chimera statesAndrzejak, Ralph G.; Ruzzene, Giulia; Malvestio, Irene