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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2019Measurement of the geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) by the solar activityEstrany Garcia, Joan Manel
23-Jun-2023The effect of the ambient solar wind medium on a CME-driven shock and the associated gradual solar energetic particle eventWijsen, Nicolas; Lario, David; Sánchez-Cano, Beatriz; Jebaraj, Immanuel C.; Dresing, Nina; Richardson, Ian G.; Aran i Sensat, Maria dels Àngels; Kouloumvakos, Athanasios; Ding, Zheyi; Niemela, Antonio; Palmeiro, Erika.; Carcaboso, Fernando; Vainio, Rami; Afanasiev, Alexandr; Pinto, Marco; Pacheco, Daniel; Poedts, Stefaan; Heyner, Daniel
15-Jan-2015Circumsolar energetic particle distribution on 2011 November 3Gómez-Herrero, R.; Dresing, N.; Klassen, A.; Heber, Bernd; Lario i Loyo, David; Àgueda Costafreda, Neus; Malandraki, Olga E.; Blanco, J.J.; Rodríguez-Pacheco, J.; Banjac, S.
Jun-2014Analysis of a gradual Solar Energetic Particle eventRodríguez Ramos, David
6-May-2011Modelling SEP events: latitudinal and longitudinal dependence of the injection rate of shock-accelerated protons and their flux profilesRodríguez Gasén, Rosa
28-Apr-2008Near-relativistic electron events. Monte Carlo simulations of solar injection and interplanetary transportÀgueda Costafreda, Neus
10-Oct-2003Solar Irradiance Variations Induced by Faculae and Small Magnetic Elements in the PhotosphereOrtiz Carbonell, Ada Natalia
2012Can a Halo CME from the limb be geoeffective?Cid, C.; Cremades, H.; Aran i Sensat, Maria dels Àngels; Mandrini, C.; Sanahuja i Parera, Blai; Schmieder, B.; Menvielle, M.; Rodríguez, Luciano; Saiz, E.; Cerrato, Y.; Dasso, S.; Jacobs, Carla; Lathuillere, C.; Zhukov, A.
Mar-2013Current Sheet Regulation of Solar Near-Relativistic Electron Injection HistoriesÀgueda Costafreda, Neus; Vainio, Rami; Dalla, S.; Lario i Loyo, David; Sanahuja i Parera, Blai
28-Sep-2012A Database of >20 keV Electron Green's Functions of Interplanetary Transport at 1 AUÀgueda Costafreda, Neus; Vainio, Rami; Sanahuja i Parera, Blai