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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Feb-2019Austerity lives in Southern Europe: Experience, knowledge, evidence and social factsNarotzky, Susana, 1958-
11-Dec-2020Comparative geochemical study on Furongian-earliest Ordovician (Toledanian) and Ordovician (Sardic) felsic magmatic events in south-western Europe: underplating of hot mafic magmas linked to the opening of the Rheic OceanÁlvaro, José Javier; Sánchez García, Teresa; Puddu, Claudia; Casas Tuset, Josep Maria; Díez Montes, Alejandro; Liesa Torre-Marín, Montserrat; Oggiano, Giacomo
5-Nov-2018The imprint of microfibers in southern European deep seasSanchez-Vidal, Anna; Thompson, Richard C.; Canals Artigas, Miquel; De Haan , William P.
2010Open access in Southern European countriesAbad García, María Francisca; Abadal, Ernest; André, Francis; Anglada i de Ferrer, Lluís M.; Badolato, Anne-Marie; Barthet, Emilie; Cassella, Maria; Creppy, Rachel; Gargiulo, Paola; Georgiou, Panos; Gurdal, Gultekin; Lutz, Jean-François; Melero Melero, Remedios; Moral, Aynur; Naud, Mariette; Nominé, Jean-François; Papadatou, Fiori; Rodrigues, Eloy; Rodríguez-Gairín, Josep-Manuel; Saraiva, Ricardo; Térmens i Graells, Miquel; Turkfidani, Ata; Weil-Miko, Christine
31-Mar-2022Unreported catches, impact of whaling and current status of blue whales in the South European Atlantic Shelf.Aguilar, Àlex; Borrell Thió, Assumpció
20-Sep-2021The circulation of unofficial art from Central Europe beyond the Iron Curtain: exhibitions and transnational networks between 1971 and 1981Debeusscher, Juliane
30-Sep-2022Double invisibility: The effects of hidden unemployment on vulnerable populations in Southern European countries during the COVID-19 pandemicCoco Prieto, Andrés; Simó i Solsona, Montse; Suárez-Grimalt, Laura