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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Mammalian Lost World in Southwest Europe during the Late Pliocene.Arribas, Alfonso; Garrido, Guiomar; Viseras, César; Soria, Jesús M.; Pla, Sila; Solano, José G.; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Carrión, José S.
Jun-2017Distinguishing the effect of diapir growth on magnetic fabrics of syn-diapiric overburden rocks: Basque-Cantabrian basin, Northern SpainSoto Marín, Ruth; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Roca i Abella, Eduard; Carola i Molas, Eloi; Almar, Y.
2008Eocene-Oligocene magnetostratigraphy from the central part of the SE margin of the Ebro BasinCosta Gisbert, Elisenda; Gómez Paccard, M.; López Blanco, Miguel; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Larrasoaña, J.C.; Cabrera, Lluís
2017Fábricas magnéticas en el antepaís del orógeno Pirenaico, relación con los últimos estadios de deformación (cabalagamiento de San Felices, Sierras Exteriores Aragonesas)Oliva-Urcia. B.; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Soto, R.; Pueyo, E.; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; Valero Montesa, Luis
23-Oct-2013Paleomagnetism and Thermochronology in Tertiary systectonic sediments of the South-central Pyrenees: Chronostratography, kinematic and exhumation constraintsBeamud Amorós, Elisabet
2012Paleomagnetism: principles and applicationsBeamud Amorós, Elisabet
Jun-2013The Bartonian-Priabonian marine record of the eastern South Pyrenean Foreland Basin (NE Spain): A new calibration of the larger foraminifers and calcareous nannofossil biozonationCosta Gisbert, Elisenda; Garcés Crespo, Miguel; López Blanco, Miguel; Serra-Kiel, Josep; Bernaola, G.; Cabrera, Lluís; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet
Jan-2017The chert from the Castelltallat Formation (south-central Pyrenees): archaeometric characterisation and archaeological implicationsOrtega, D.; Roqué, C.; Ibáñez, J.; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Larrasoaña, J.C.; Sáez, Alberto; Terradas, X.