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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2009Allylnitrile metabolism by CYP2E1 and other CYPs leads to distinct lethal and vestibulotoxic effects in the mouseBoadas i Vaello, Pere; Jover, Eric; Saldaña-Ruíz, Sandra; Soler-Martín, Carla; Chabbert, Christian; Bayona i Termens, Josep Maria; Llorens i Baucells, Jordi
18-Feb-2008Neurotoxicitat i metabolisme de nitrils a la rata i el ratolíBoadas i Vaello, Pere
9-Apr-2015Novel epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) derivative as a new therapeutic strategy for reducing neuropathic pain after chronic constriction nerve injury in miceXifró i Collsamata, Xavier; Vidal Sancho, Laura; Boadas i Vaello, Pere; Turrado, Carlos; Alberch i Vié, Jordi; Puig i Miquel, Teresa; Verdú, Enrique
2015Transient alteration of the vestibular calyceal junction and synapse in response to chronic ototoxic insult in ratsSedó Cabezón, Lara; Jedynak, P.; Boadas i Vaello, Pere; Llorens i Baucells, Jordi