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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2020Influence of the synthesis route in obtaining the cubic or tetragonal copper ferrite phasesCalvo de la Rosa, Jaume; Segarra Rubí, Mercè
Jun-2018Magnetic characterization of Fe and Fe-Phosphate particlesKaur, Kirnjeet
Jun-2018Magnetic iron nanoparticles in carbon nanotubesTeixidó Villanueva, Alba
25-Oct-2019Mechanical and functional properties in magnetic materialsCalvo de la Rosa, Jaume
21-Oct-2019Optimization of the synthesis of copper ferrite nanoparticles by a polymer-assisted sol-gel methodCalvo de la Rosa, Jaume; Segarra Rubí, Mercè
29-Mar-2019Own-Synthetize Nanoparticles to Develop Nano-Enhanced Phase Change Materials (NEPCM) to Improve the Energy Efficiency in BuildingsBarreneche, Camila; Martín, Marc; Calvo de la Rosa, Jaume; Majó, Marc; Fernández Renna, Ana Inés