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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2010Cellular and molecular evidence for a role of tumor necrosis factor alpha in the ovulatory mechanism of troutCrespo Morao, Diego; Bonnet, Emilie; Roher Armentia, Nerea; MacKenzie, Simon; Krasnov, Aleksei; Goetz, Frederick W.; Bobe, Julien; Planas, Josep V.
Jan-2015GLUT2-mediated glucose uptake and availability are required for embryonic brain development in zebrafishMarín Juez, Rubén; Rovira i Berger, Mireia; Crespo Morao, Diego; Van der Vaart, M.; Spaink, Herman P.; Planas Vilarnau, Josep
16-Sep-2015Luteinizing hormone induces ovulation via tumor necrosis factor α-dependent increases in prostaglandin F2α in a nonmammalian vertebrateCrespo Morao, Diego; Goetz, Frederick W.; Planas Vilarnau, Josep