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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Amphioxus makes the cut AgainSomorjai, Ildikó M. L.; Escrivà, Hector; Garcia Fernández, Jordi
2-Nov-2018Characterization of the TLR family in branchiostoma lanceolatum and discovery of a novel TLR22-like involved in dsRNA recognition in amphioxusJi, Jie; Ramos Vicente, David; Navas Pérez, Enrique; Herrera Úbeda, Carlos; Lizcano, José Miguel; Garcia Fernández, Jordi; Escrivà, Hector; Bayés, Àlex; Roher Armentia, Nerea
29-Oct-2021JNK mediates differentiation, cell polarity and apoptosis during amphioxus development by regulating actin cytoskeleton dynamics and ERK signallingSomorjai, Ildiko M. L.; Ehebauer, Matthias T.; Escrivà, Hector; Garcia Fernández, Jordi
25-Jul-2018Wnt evolution and function shuffling in liberal and conservative chordate genomesSomorjai, Ildikó M. L.; Martí Solans, Josep; Diaz Gracia, Miriam; Nishida, Hiroki; Imai, Kaoru S.; Escrivà, Hector; Cañestro García, Cristian; Albalat Rodríguez, Ricard