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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2021Advances in the study of supercooled waterGallo, Paola; Bachler, Johannes; Bove, Livia E.; Böhmer, Roland; Camisasca, Gaia; Coronas, Luis E.; Corti, Horacio R.; Almeida Ribeiro, Ingrid de; Koning, Maurice de; Franzese, Giancarlo; Fuentes Landete, Violeta; Gainaru, Catalin; Loerting, Thomas; Montes de Oca, Joan Manuel; Poole, Peter H.; Rovere, Mauro; Sciortino, Francesco; Tonauer, Christina M.; Appignanesi, Gustavo A.
Jan-2019Amino acid sequence correlation in optimally designed proteinsÀguila Rojas, Joan
Jul-2021A coarse-graining model for ions in waterGüell Paule, Guillem
4-Sep-2012Confinement of Anomalous Liquids in Nanoporous MatricesStrekalova, Elena G.; Luo, J.; Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-; Franzese, Giancarlo; Buldyrev, V. S. (Vladimir Sergeevich)
1-Sep-2015Contribution of water to pressure and cold denaturation of proteinsBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
4-Apr-2014Critical behavior of a water monolayer under hydrophobic confinementBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
1994Critical clusters and efficient dynamics for frustrated spin modelsCataudella, Vittorio; Franzese, Giancarlo; Nicodemi, Mario; Scala, A.; Coniglio, Antonio, 1940-
10-Jun-2019Editorial of virtual special issue Frontiers in Water Biophysics 2017Paolantoni, Marco; Cesàro, Attilio; Comez, Lucia; Franzese, Giancarlo
26-Jun-2013Finite-size scaling investigation of the liquid-liquid critical point in ST2 water and its stability with respect to crystallization.Kesselring, T. A.; Lascaris, E.; Franzese, Giancarlo; Buldyrev, V. S. (Vladimir Sergeevich); Herrmann, Hans J.; Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-
2000Fully frustrated XY model with next-nearest-neighbor interactionFranzese, Giancarlo; Cataudella, Vittorio; Korshunov, S. E.; Fazio, R.
27-Aug-2012Homogeneous Crystal Nucleation Near a Metastable Fluid-Fluid Phase TransitionXu, Limei; Buldyrev, V. S. (Vladimir Sergeevich); Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-; Franzese, Giancarlo
10-Aug-2017How the stability of a folded protein depends on interfacial water properties and residue-residue interactionsBianco, Valentino; Pagès Gelabert, Neus; Coluzza, Ivan; Franzese, Giancarlo
1-Jul-2019Hydrogen bond correlated percolation in a supercooled water monolayer as a hallmark of the critical regionBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo
13-Nov-2019In silico evidence that protein unfolding is as a precursor of the protein aggregationBianco, Valentino; Franzese, Giancarlo; Coluzza, Ivan
2003Intramolecular coupling as a mechanism for a liquid-liquid phase transitionFranzese, Giancarlo; Marqués, Manuel I.; Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-
1998Invaded cluster dynamics for frustrated modelsFranzese, Giancarlo; Cataudella, Vittorio; Coniglio, Antonio, 1940-
7-Apr-2011Large Decrease of Fluctuations for Supercooled Water in Hydrophobic NanoconfinementStrekalova, Elena G.; Mazza, Marco G.; Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-; Franzese, Giancarlo
2005Liquid-liquid phase transition for an attractive isotropic potential with wide repulsive rangeMalescio, Gianpietro; Franzese, Giancarlo; Skibinsky, Anna; Buldyrev, V. S. (Vladimir Sergeevich); Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-
2004Liquid-liquid phase transition for soft-core attractive potentialSkibinsky, Anna; Buldyrev, V. S. (Vladimir Sergeevich); Franzese, Giancarlo; Malescio, Gianpietro; Stanley, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), 1941-
29-Sep-2015L’experiment d’Stern i Gerlach en el seu context teòric: la història d’una reorientacióPié i Valls, Blai