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1-Aug-2018Effectiveness of physically ablative (electrosurgery excision, infrared coagulation) and pharmacological treatments (imiquimod) for anal canal condylomata in HIV-infected menVela, Sandra; Videla, Sebas; Ornelas Vargas, Arelly; Revollo, Boris; Clotet i Sala, Bonaventura; Sirera, Guillem; Piñol, Marta; García Cuyás, Francesc
14-Feb-2021Incidence of Recurrent High-Grade Anal Dysplasia in HIV-1-Infected Men and Women Following Infrared Coagulation Ablation: A Retrospective Cohort StudyCorral, Javier; Parés, David; García Cuyás, Francesc; Revollo, Boris; Chamorro, Ana; Lecumberri, Carla; Tarrats, Antoni; Castella, Eva; Piñol, Marta; Clotet i Sala, Bonaventura; Videla, Sebas; Sirera, Guillem