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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2021Analysis of Fox genes in Schmidtea mediterranea reveals new families and a conserved role of Smed‑foxO in controlling cell deathPascual Carreras, Eudald; Herrera Úbeda, Carlos; Rosselló, María; Coronel Córdoba, Pablo; García Fernández, Jordi; Saló i Boix, Emili; Adell i Creixell, Teresa
22-Nov-2018Metazoan evolution of glutamate receptors reveals unreported phylogenetic groups and divergent lineage-specific eventsRamos Vicente, David; Ji, Jie; Gratacòs i Batlle, Esther; Gou, Gemma; Reig Viader, Rita; Luís, Javier; Burguera, Demian; Navas Pérez, Enrique; García Fernández, Jordi; Fuentes Prior, Pablo; Escriva, Hector; Roher Armentia, Nerea; Soto del Cerro, David; Bayés, Àlex