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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2017Abellaite, NaPb2(CO3)2(OH), a new supergene mineral from the Eureka mine, Lleida province, Catalonia, SpainIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Elvira, José J.; Llovet Ximenes, Xavier; Pérez Cano, Jordi; Oriols, Núria; Busquets Masó, Martí; Hernández Márquez, Sergi
15-Sep-2021Electroforming of Si NCs/p-Si photovoltaic devices: Enhancement of the conversion efficiency through resistive switchingFrieiro Castro, Juan Luis; López Vidrier, Julià; Blázquez, O. (Oriol); Ibáñez i Insa, Jordi; Yazicioglu, D.; Gutsch, S.; Zacharias, M.; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Hernández Márquez, Sergi
18-Oct-2017Green electroluminescence of Al/Tb/Al/SiO2 devices fabricated by electron beam evaporationFrieiro Castro, Juan Luis; Blázquez, O. (Oriol); López Vidrier, Julià; López Conesa, Lluís; Estradé Albiol, Sònia; Peiró Martínez, Francisca; Ibáñez i Insa, Jordi; Hernández Márquez, Sergi; Garrido Fernández, Blas
2017High-pressure optical and vibrational properties of Ga2O3 nanocrystalsMoral Cejudo, Alberto del
11-Oct-2016High-pressure optical and vibrational properties of InN and InGaNOliva Vidal, Robert
24-Aug-2018High-pressure Raman scattering in bulk HfS2: comparison of density functional theory methods in layered MS2 compounds (M = Hf, Mo) under compressionIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Woźniak, T.; Dybala, F.; Oliva Vidal, Robert; Hernández Márquez, Sergi; Kudrawiec, R.
Dec-2017Integrated multi-stratigraphic study of the Coll de Terrers late Permian-Early Triassic continental succession from the Catalan Pyrenees (NE Iberian Peninsula): A geologic reference record for equatorial PangaeaMujal, Eudald; Fortuny, Josep; Pérez Cano, Jordi; Dinarès i Turell, Jaume; Ibáñez i Insa, Jordi; Oms, Oriol; Vila Planavila, Isabel; Bolet, Arnau; Anadón Monzón, Pedro
1985Multisoliton solutions to Einstein's equationsIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
9-Dec-2010Optical emission and Raman scattering in InGaN thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxyOliva Vidal, Robert
27-Jul-2015Optical emission from SiO2-embedded silicon nanocrystals: a high pressure Raman and photoluminescence studyIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Hernández Márquez, Sergi; López Vidrier, Julià; Hiller, D.; Gutsch, S.; Zacharias, Margit; Segura, A.; Valenta, Jan; Garrido Fernández, Blas
1986Radiative isotropic cosmologies with extra dimensionsIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
5-Jun-2020Significance of Fracture-Filling Rose-Like Calcite Crystal Clusters in the SE PyreneesCruset Segura, David; Ibáñez i Insa, Jordi; Cantarero Abad, Irene; Cédric M., John; Travé i Herrero, Anna
1983Soliton collision in general relativityIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
16-Feb-2021Structural and high-pressure properties of rheniite (ReS2) and (Re,Mo)S2Ibáñez i Insa, Jordi; Wózniak, Tomasz; Oliva, Robert; Popescu, Catalin; Hernández Márquez, Sergi; López Vidrier, Julià
2010Structural and optical properties of dilute InAsN grown by molecular beam epitaxyIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Oliva Vidal, Robert; Mare, M. de la; Schmidbauer, M.; Hernández Márquez, Sergi; Pellegrino, Paolo; Scurr, D. J.; Cuscó i Cornet, Ramon; Artús i Surroca, Lluís; Shafi, M.; Mari, R. H.; Henini, M.; Zhuang, Q.; Godenir, A.; Krier, A.
Jan-2017The chert from the Castelltallat Formation (south-central Pyrenees): archaeometric characterisation and archaeological implicationsOrtega, D.; Roqué, Carles; Ibáñez i Insa, Jordi; Beamud Amorós, Elisabet; Larrasoaña, J.C.; Sáez, Alberto; Terradas, X.