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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Absence of flash-lag when judging global shape from local positionsLinares, Daniel; López-Moliner, Joan
1-Dec-2018An object-tracking model that combines position and speed explains spatial and temporal responses in a timing taskAguilar-Lleyda, David; Tubau Sala, Elisabet; López-Moliner, Joan
1999Aprendizaje implícito y explícito: ¿dos procesos diferentes o dos niveles de abstracción?Tubau Sala, Elisabet; López-Moliner, Joan
9-Oct-2014Dealing with delays does not transfer across sensorimotor la Malla, Cristina; López-Moliner, Joan; Brenner, Eli
14-Feb-2019Decreased Temporal Sensorimotor Adaptation Due to Perturbation-Induced Measurement NoiseKnelange, Elisabeth B.; López-Moliner, Joan
28-Apr-2017Gravity as a Strong Prior: Implications for Perception and ActionJörges, Björn; López-Moliner, Joan
2007Interceptive timing: prior knowledge mattersLópez-Moliner, Joan; Field, David T.; Wann, John P.
2009Knowing What to Respond in the Future Does Not Cancel the Influence of Past EventsTubau Sala, Elisabet; López-Moliner, Joan
2007Motion signal and the perceived positions of moving objectsLinares, Daniel; López-Moliner, Joan; Johnston, Alan
1-Nov-2012Motor action reduces temporal asynchrony between perceived visual changesCorveleyn, Xavier; López-Moliner, Joan; Coello, Yann
Apr-2012People favour imperfect catching by assuming a stable worldLópez-Moliner, Joan; Keil, Matthias S.
2003Perception of acceleration in motion-in-depth with only monocular and both monocular and binocular informationLópez-Moliner, Joan; Maiche, Alejandro; Estaún i Ferrer, Santiago
2006Perceptual asynchrony between color and motion with a single direction changeLinares, Daniel; López-Moliner, Joan
Aug-2016quickpsy: An R Package to Fit Psychometric Functions for Multiple GroupsLinares, Daniel; López-Moliner, Joan
2005Reaction time asymmetries between expansion and contractionLópez-Moliner, Joan
1-Sep-2012Seeing the last part of a hitting movement is enough to adapt to a temporal delayde la Malla, Cristina; López-Moliner, Joan; Brenner, Eli
15-Dec-2017Sensorimotor decision-making with moving objectsAguilar Lleyda, David
3-Jun-2014Spatio-temporal aspects in the control of the visuomotor systemRodríguez Herreros, Borja
16-May-2013Synergies between optical and physical variables in intercepting parabolic targets.Gómez, José; López-Moliner, Joan
3-Feb-2014The role of differential delays in integrating transient visual and proprioceptive informationCameron, Brendan D.; Malla Gómez, Cristina de la; López-Moliner, Joan