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21-Feb-2018Abnormalities in gray matter volume in patients with borderline personality disorder and their relation to lifetime depression: A VBM studyAguilar Ortiz, Salvatore; Salgado Pineda, Pilar; Marco Pallarés, Josep; Pascual, Juan Carlos; Vega, Daniel; Soler, Joaquim; Brunel, Cristina; Martín-Blanco, Ana; Soto, Angel; Ribas, Joan; Maristany, Teresa; Sarró, Salvador; Salvador, Raymond; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Pomarol-Clotet, Edith; McKenna, Peter J.
Oct-2016Early and delayed BPD diagnosis and its relationship to long-term remission in adulthoodÁlvarez Tomás, Irene; Soler, Joaquim; Bados López, Arturo; Martín-Blanco, Ana; Elices, Matilde; Pascual, Juan Carlos
Sep-2018Physical health, health care utilization and long-term quality of life in remitted and non-remitted bpd patients: A 10-year follow-up study in a spanish sampleÁlvarez Tomás, Irene; Bados López, Arturo; Soler, Joaquim; Martín-Blanco, Ana; Elices, Matilde; Carmona, Cristina; Domínguez-Clavé, Elisabeth; Pascual, Juan Carlos
Feb-2015Predictors of the Long-term Quality of Life in BPD Patients: a 10-year Follow-up StudyÁlvarez Tomás, Irene; Bados López, Arturo; Feliu, Joaquim; Martín-Blanco, Ana; Feliu Soler, Albert; Elices, Matilde; Pérez, Víctor; Carlos Pascual, Juan