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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Nov-2011Differential pattern of glycogen accumulation after protein phosphatase 1 glycogen-targeting subunit PPP1R6 overexpression, compared to PPP1R3C and PPP1R3A, in skeletal muscle cellsMontori Grau, Marta; Guitart de la Rosa, Maria; García Martínez, Celia; Orozco, Anna; Gómez Foix, Anna Maria
Oct-2010Expression of Glycogen Phosphorylase Isoforms in Cultured Muscle from Patients with McArdle´s Disease Carrying the p.R771PfsX33 PYGM MutationNogales Gadea, Gisela; Mormeneo, Emma; Consuegra García, Inés; Rubio, Juan C.; Orozco, Anna; Arenas, Joaquin; Martín, Miguel A.; Lucia, Alejandro; Gómez Foix, Anna Maria; Martí Seves, Ramon; Andreu, Antoni
30-Nov-2014Glucose and fructose have sugar-specific effects in both liver and skeletal muscle in vivo: a role for liver fructokinase.Fernàndez Novell, Josep M. (Josep Maria); Ramió-Lluch, Laura; Orozco, Anna; Gómez Foix, Anna Maria; Guinovart, Joan J. (Joan Josep), 1947-; Rodríguez-Gil, Joan E.
12-Jan-2012PGC-1α induces mitochondrial and myokine transcriptional programs and lipid droplet and glycogen accumulation in cultured human skeletal muscle cellsMormeneo, Emma; Jimenez Mallebrera, Cecilia; Palomer, Xavier; De Nigris, Valeria; Vázquez Carrera, Manuel; Orozco, Anna; Nascimento, Andrés; Colomer, Jaume; Lerín Martínez, Carlos; Gómez Foix, Anna Maria