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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Current status of pediatric home enteral nutrition in Spain: The importance of the NEPAD registerGómez-López, Lilianne; Martinez-Costa, Cecilia; Pedrón-Giner, Consuelo; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Navas López, V. M.; Martínez-Zazo, A.; Moreno Villares, J. M.
28-Mar-2013Factors predicting distress among parents/caregivers of children with neurological disease and home enteral nutritionPedrón-Giner, Consuelo; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Martinez-Costa, Cecilia; Borraz, Soraya; Gómez-López, Lilianne
1-Oct-2012Home enteral nutrition in children: a 10 year experience with 304 pediatric patientsPedrón-Giner, Consuelo; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Martínez-Zazo, A.; Cañedo-Villaroya, E.; Malillos González, P.; Sesmero-Lillo, M. A.
26-Apr-2019Nutritional Outcome in Home Gastrostoy-Fed children with Chronic DiseaseseMartinez-Costa, Cecilia; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Gómez-López, Lilianne; Borraz, Soraya; Crehuá-Gaudiza, Elena; Pedrón-Giner, Consuelo
29-Nov-2013Psychometric properties of the structured Satisfaction Questionnaire with Gastrostomy Feeding (SAGA-8) for caregivers of children with gastrostomy tube nutritional supportMartinez-Costa, Cecilia; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Pedrón-Giner, Consuelo; Borraz, Soraya; Gómez-López, Lilianne
28-Mar-2013Satisfaction with gastrostomy feeding in caregivers of children with home enteral nutrition: application of the SAGA-8 questionnaire and analysis of involved factors.Martinez-Costa, Cecilia; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Gómez-López, Lilianne; Borraz, Soraya; Pedrón-Giner, Consuelo