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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Architectural characterization of a delta-front reservoir analogue combining ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity tomography: Roda Sandstone (Lower Eocene, Graus-Tremp basin, Spain)Coll, M.; López Blanco, Miguel; Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar; Ledo Fernández, Juanjo; Marcuello Pascual, Alejandro
Jan-2016Capability of cross-hole electrical configurations for monitoring rapid plume migration experimentsBellmunt Traver, Fabián; Marcuello Pascual, Alejandro; Ledo Fernández, Juanjo; Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar
Jun-2015Cerdanya basin characterisation using H/V and F-K seismic noise methodsSoussé Villa, Rubén
Jun-2016Characterization of seismic soil effectsVilacís Baurier, Berta
20-Sep-2016Combining Discrete Element and Process-based sedimentary models: a new tool to model syntectonic sedimentationCarmona Bardella, Ana
17-Jun-2016CSEM monitoring at the Hontomín CO2 storage site: modeling, experimental design and baseline resultsVilamajó Llobera, Eloi, 1988-
2010Deep crustal electromagnetic structure of Bhuj earthquake region (India) and its implicationsNaganjaneyulu, K.; Ledo Fernández, Juanjo; Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar
Jun-2017Detection of anomalies with the polarization state of the magnetoteluric signalVal Balmaña, Aitor
19-Dec-2014Development of a New Parallel Code for 3-D Joint Refraction and Reflection Travel-Time Tomography of Wide-Angle Seismic Data. Synthetic and Real Data Applications to the Study of Subduction ZonesMeléndez i Catalán, Adrià
Oct-2010Dimensionality imprint of electrical anisotropy in magnetotelluric responses.Martí i Castells, Anna; Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar; Ledo Fernández, Juanjo; Farquharson, C.
Jun-2017Dispersion analysis in wave propagation using parametrized mimetic finite differencesFerrer Àvila, Miguel
1989Geometria y depositos de las cubetas glaciolacustres del PirineoBordonau i Ibern, Jaume; Pous, Jaume; Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar; Vilaplana, Joan Manuel
10-May-2017Improving the modeling of geomagnetically induced currents in SpainTorta, J. M.; Marcuello Pascual, Alejandro; Campanyà, J.; Marsal, S.; Queralt i Capdevila, Pilar; Ledo Fernández, Juanjo
30-Sep-2014Magnetotelluric characterisation and monitoring of the Hontomín CO2 storage site, SpainOgaya Garcia, Xènia
4-Jul-2006Magnetotelluric Investigation of Geoelectrical Dimensionality and Study of the Central Betic Crustal Structure, AMartí i Castells, Anna
20-Dec-1989Modelització d'estructures bidimensionals per prospecció elèctrica en corrent continuQueralt i Capdevila, Pilar
Jun-2015Relative space-time scaling of electromagnetic soundings arraysUrgellés Tres, Jordi
28-Jan-2011Seismic Oceanography: A New Tool to Characterize Physical Oceanographic Structures and ProcessesBuffett, Grant George
20-Mar-2015Tomografia elèctrica a escala de laboratori: investigació del sistema roca-salmorra-CO(2)Bosch Ros, David