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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A Comparative Study of Desktop, Fishtank, and Cave Systems for the Exploration of Volume Rendered Confocal Data SetsPrabhat, Andrew Forsberg; Katzourin, Michael; Wharton, Kristi; Slater, Mel
10-Jul-2012A fully immersive set-up for remote interaction and neurorehabilitation based on virtual body ownershipPerez-Marcos, Daniel; Solazzi, Massimiliano; Steptoe, William; Oyekoya, Oyewole; Frisoli, Antonio; Weyrich, Tim; Steed, Anthony; Tecchia, Franco; Slater, Mel; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
1-Mar-2019A mechanistic account of bodily resonance and implicit biasBedder, Rachel L.; Bush, Daniel; Banakou, Domna; Peck, Tabitha; Slater, Mel; Burgess, Neil
9-Jan-2017A Virtual Out-of-Body Experience Reduces Fear of DeathBourdin, Pierre; Barberia, Itxaso; Oliva, Ramon; Slater, Mel
2012Acting rehearsal in collaborative multimodal mixed reality environmentsSteptoe, William; Normand, Jean-Marie; Oyekoya, Oyewole; Pece, Fabrizio; Giannopoulos, Elias; Tecchia, Franco; Steed, Anthony; Weyrich, Tim; Kautz, Jan; Slater, Mel
Jun-2009An Analysis of Eye Scanpath Entropy in a Progressively Forming Virtual EnvironmentJordan, Joel; Slater, Mel
2020An Embodied Perspective as a Victim of Sexual Harassment in Virtual Reality Reduces Action Conformity in a Later Milgram Obedience ScenarioNeyret, Solène; Navarro, X.; Beacco, A.; Oliva, R.; Bourdin, P.; Valenzuela, J.; Barberia, Itxaso; Slater, Mel
31-Oct-2012Beaming into the rat world: enabling real-time intereaction between rat and human each at their own scaleNormand, Jean-Marie; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria; Waechter, Christian; Giannopoulos, Elias; Grosswindhager, Bernhard; Spanlang, Bernhard; Guger, Christoph; Klinker, Gudrun; Srinivasan, Mandayam A.; Slater, Mel
2009Brain Computer Interface for Virtual Reality ControlGuger, Christoph; Groenegress, Christoph; Holzner, Clemens; Edlinger, Günter; Slater, Mel; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
2008Brain-Computer Interfaces, Virtual Reality, and VideogamesLecuyer, Anatole; Lotte, Fabien; Reilly, Richard B.; Leeb, Robert; Hirose, Michitaka; Slater, Mel
2013The building blocks of the full body ownership illusionMaselli, Antonella; Slater, Mel
2013Bystander responses to a violent incident in an immersive virtual environmentSlater, Mel; Rovira, Aitor; Southern, Richard; Swapp, David; Zhang, Jian J.; Campbell, Claire; Levine, Mark
2010The contribution of real-time mirror reflections of motor actions on virtual body ownership in an immersive virtual environmentGonzález Franco, Mar; Perez-Marcos, Daniel; Spanlang, Bernhard; Slater, Mel
2009Correlations between vocal input and visual response apparently enhance presence in a virtual environmentGroenegress, Christoph; Ramsgard Thomsen, Mette; Slater, Mel
14-Jun-2016Decreased corticospinal excitability after the illusion of missing part of the armKilteni, Konstantina; Grau-Sánchez, Jennifer; Veciana de las Heras, Misericordia; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni; Slater, Mel
2013Drift and ownership toward a distant virtual body.Pomés Freixa, Ausiàs; Slater, Mel
2013Drumming in immersive virtual reality: the body shapes the way we playKilteni, Konstantina; Bergstrom, Ilias; Slater, Mel
2012The effect of virtual reality on visual vertigo symptoms in patients with peripheral vestibular dysfunction: a pilot studyPavlou, M.; Kanegaonkar, R. G.; Swapp, David; Bamiou, D. E.; Slater, Mel; Luxon, L. M.
Feb-2011The effect on lower spine muscle activation of walking on a narrow beam in virtual realityAntley, Angus; Slater, Mel
Feb-2010Effects of P300-based BCI use on reported presence in a virtual environmentGroenegress, Christoph; Holzner, Clemens; Guger, Christoph; Slater, Mel