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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Cardiovascular risk and white matter lesions after endocrine control of Cushing's syndromeSantos Vives, Alicia; Resmini, Eugenia; Gómez-Ansón, Beatriz; Crespo, Iris; Granell, Esther; Valassi, Elena; Pires, Patricia; Vives-Gilabert, Yolanda; Martínez Momblán, Ma. Antonia; Juan, Manuel de; Mataró Serrat, Maria; Webb, S. M. (Susan M.), 1952-
2013Improving quality of life in patients with pituitary tumoursCrespo, Iris; Santos Vives, Alicia; Resmini, Eugenia; Valassi, Elena; Martínez Momblán, Ma. Antonia; Webb, S. M. (Susan M.), 1952-
Jun-2018Quality of life in Cushing's disease: a long term issue?Webb, S. M. (Susan M.), 1952-; Santos Vives, Alicia; Resmini, Eugenia; Martínez Momblán, Ma. Antonia; Martel, Luciana; Valassi, Elena