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"UB Economics - Working Papers" dóna continuitat des de finals del 2013, als "Documents de Treball de l’Espai de Recerca en Economia (ERE)" de la Facultat d’Economia i Empresa de la Universitat de Barcelona, col·lecció que va néixer l’any 2001.
En aquesta col·lecció, trobareu tots els "Documents de Treball de l’ERE" fins el número 300 que apareixen sota el format "Col.lecció d’Economia", una numeració que tindrà continuitat a partir del número 301 sota el títol d’"UB Economics - Working Papers".

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Strategic investment decisions under the nuclear power debate in BelgiumFrutos Cachorro, Julia de; Willeghems, Gwen; Buysse, Jeroen
2018Uncontrolled diabetes and health care utilisation: a bivariate Latent Markov model approachGil, Joan (Gil Trasfí), 1966-; Li Donni, Paolo; Zucchelli, Eugenio
2018Who becomes an entrepreneur? The role of ability, education, and sector choiceVilalta-Bufí, Montserrat; Kucel, Aleksander; Giusti, Giovanni, 1984-
2018Quality Polarization and International TradeHollstein, Till Ferdinand; Estévez, Kristian
2018The family of lattice structure values for games with externalitiesAlonso-Meijide, José Mª; Álvarez-Mozos, Mikel; Fiestras-Janeiro, M. Gloria, 1962-; Jiménez-Losada, Andrés
2018Valuation monotonicity, fairness and stability in assignment problemsBrink, René van den; Núñez, Marina (Núñez Oliva); Robles Jiménez, Francisco Javier
2018Tele-Communications 2.0: The Age of the InternetJerbashian, Vahagn; Kochanova, Anna
2018Solving Becker's assortative assignments and extensionsMartínez de Albéniz, F. Javier; Rafels, Carles; Ybern, Neus
2018Revisiting real exchange rate volatility: Non-traded goods and cointegrated tfp ChockseDogan, Aydan; Bettendorf, Timo
2018Inequality and Structural Change under Non-Linear Engels' CurveAlonso Carrera, Jaime; Giulia Felice, Giulia; Raurich, Xavier
2018Leisure Time and the Sectoral Composition of EmploymentCruz, Edgar; Raurich, Xavier
2018Sustainability and adequacy of the Spanish pension system after the 2013 reform: a microsimulation analysisSolé, Meritxell; Souto Nieves, Guadalupe; Patxot, Concepció
2018Structural change and female participation in recent economic growth: A multisectoral analysis for the Spanish economyDuarte, Rosa; Sarasa, Cristina; Serrano, Mònica (Serrano Gutiérrez)
2018Political viability of intergenerational transfers. An empirical applicationMichailidis, Gianko; Patxot, Concepció
2017The incentive core in co-investment problemsIzquierdo Aznar, Josep Maria; Rafels, Carles
2017The determinants of entrepreneurship gender gaps: A cross-country analysisTeignier, Marc; Cuberes, David; Priyanka, Sadia
2017Income distribution by age group and productive bubbles [WP-Eco]Raurich, Xavier; Seegmuller, Thomas
2017Envy in Mission-Oriented OrganizationsBarigozzi, Francesca; Manna, Ester
2017Technology of the preferences: linking consumption expenditures to value added with minimal informationFernández-Vázquez, Esteban; Serrano, Mònica (Serrano Gutiérrez)
2017Fiber deployment in Spain [WP]Calzada, Joan; García Mariñoso, Begoña; Ribé, Jordi; Rubio Campillo, Rafael; Suárez, David
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 349