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Title: Isotopic homogeneity throughout the skin in small cetaceans
Author: Arregui, Marina
Josa, Marta
Aguilar, Àlex
Borrell Thió, Assumpció
Keywords: Isòtops
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2017
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract: Rationale: Isotope ratios from skin samples have been widely used to study cetacean trophic ecology. Usually, isotopic skin uniformity has been assumed, despite the heterogeneity of this tissue. This study aims to investigate (1) regional isotopic variation within the skin in cetaceans, and (2) isotopic variation among internal tissues.Methods: Stable carbon (delta C-13 values) and nitrogen (delta N-15 values) isotope ratios were measured in 11 skin positions in 10 common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) and 9 striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba). In addition, the isotope ratios in the muscle, liver and kidney of both species were determined and compared with those from the skin and from all tissues combined. The signatures were determined by means of elemental analyser/isotope ratio mass spectrometry (EA/IRMS).Results: In both species, no differences between isotope ratios of the skin positions were found. Moreover, the isotope ratios of skin were similar to those of muscle. In contrast, liver and kidney showed higher isotope ratios than muscle and skin.Conclusions: Isotopic homogeneity within the skin suggests that the isotope ratios of a sample from a specific skin position can be considered representative of the ratios from the entire skin tissue in dolphins. This conclusion validates the results of previous stable isotope analyses in dolphins that used skin samples as representative of the whole skin tissue. Isotopic similarities or dissimilarities among tissues should be considered when analysing different tissues and comparing results from the same or different species.
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It is part of: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2017, vol. 31, num. 18, p. 1551-1557
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ISSN: 0951-4198
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