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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Estimating 750 years of temperature variations and uncertainties in the Pyrenees by tree-ring reconstructions and climate simulations.Dorado Liñán, Isabel; Büntgen, Ulf; González Rouco, F.; Zorita, E.; Montávez, J.P.; Gómez Navarro, J.J.; Brunet, M.; Heinrich, I.; Helle, G.; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia
7-Oct-2013Differential growth responses to water balance of coexisting deciduous tree species are linked to wood density in a Bolivian tropical dry forestMendivelso, Hooz A.; Camarero Martínez, Jesús Julio; Royo-Obregón, Oriol; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia; Toledo, Marisol
2003Spatiotemporal variability in radial growth of trees in the Central Pyrenees: climatic and site influences.Tardif, Jacques; Camarero Martínez, Jesús Julio; Ribas, Montse; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia
22-Aug-2014Spatial variability and temporal trends in water-use efficiency of European forestsSaurer, Matthias; Spahni, Renato; Frank, David C.; Joos, Fortunat; Leuenberger, Markus; Loader, Neil L.; McCarroll, Danny; Gagen, Mary; Poulter, Ben; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Andreu-Hayles, Laia; Boettger, Tatjana; Dorado Liñán, Isabel; Fairchild, Ian J.; Friedrich, Michael; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia; Haupt, Marika; Hilasvuori, Emmi; Heinrich, Ingo; Helle, Gerd; Grudd, Hakan; Jalkanen, Risto; Levanic, Tom; Linderholm, Hans W.; Robertson, Iain; Sonninen, Eloni; Treydt, Kerstin; Waterhouse, John S.; Woodley, Ewan; Wynn, Peter M.; Young, Gilles H. F.
2-Oct-2011Hydrological evidence for a North Atlantic oscillation during the Little Ice Age outside its range observed since 1850.Martín Puertas, C.; Dorado Liñán, Isabel; Brauer, A.; Zorita, E.; Valero Garcés, Blas Lorenzo; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia
2003Resposta dels arbres i dels boscos al canvi climàticGutiérrez Merino, Emilia; Ribas, Montse; Octavi Planells, J.; Camarero Martínez, Jesús Julio; Tardif, Jacques