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Title: Carbon dioxide efflux during the flooding phase of temporary ponds
Author: Catalán García, Núria
Schiller Calle, Daniel von
Marcé Romero, Rafael
Koschorreck, Matthias
Gomez-Gener, Luís
Obrador Sala, Biel
Keywords: Diòxid de carboni
Carbon dioxide
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Asociación Ibérica de Limnología
Abstract: Small water bodies, such as temporary ponds, have a high carbon processing potential. Nevertheless, despite the global occurrence of these systems, the carbon effluxes from such water bodies have been largely overlooked. In this study, we examined the intra- and intersystem variability of carbon dioxide (CO2) effluxes from a set of Mediterranean temporary ponds during the flooding phase, a hot-spot for biogeochemical cycling in temporary systems. The CO2 effluxes showed higher variability among the various sections of each pond (i.e., inundated, emerged-unvegetated and emerged-vegetated) than among the ponds. The emerged-vegetated sections showed the highest CO2 effluxes per unit area and tended to drive the total effluxes at the whole-ecosystem scale. The mean CO2 efflux (121.3 ± 138.1 mmol m 2 d 1) was in the upper range for freshwater ecosystems. The CO2 effluxes were not related to catchment properties but rather to the organic content of the sediments, especially in the emerged sections of the ponds. Our results indicate that temporary ponds, especially their emerged sections, are important sources of CO2 to the atmosphere, highlighting the need to include the dry phases of these and other temporary aquatic systems in regional carbon budgets.
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It is part of: Limnetica, 2014, vol. 33, p. 349-360
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ISSN: 0213-8409
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