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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2008An enantioselective synthetic route to cis-2,4-disubstituted and 2,4-bridged piperidinesAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Minaglia, Annamaria T.; Bosch Cartes, Joan
25-Jul-2012Model studies on the synthesis of madangamine alkaloids. Assembly of the macrocyclic ringsProto, Stefano; Amat Tusón, Mercedes; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Ballette, Roberto; Romagnoli, Federica; Mancinelli, Andrea; Bosch Cartes, Joan
7-Mar-2013Enantioselective formal synthesis of ent-rhynchophylline and ent-isorhynchophyllineAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Ramos, Carlos; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Molins i Grau, Elies; Florindo, Pedro; Santos, Maria M. M.; Bosch Cartes, Joan
25-Jul-2005An enantioselective entry to cis-perhydroisoquinolinesAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Minaglia, Annamaria Tania; Casamitjana i Badia, Núria; Bosch Cartes, Joan
2010Synthesis of a tetrahydroimidazo-[2',1':2,3]thiazolo[5,4-c]pyridine derivative with Met inhibitory activityAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Köver, Andrea; Jokic, Danica; Lozano, Oscar; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Landoni, Nicola; Subrizi, Fabiana; Bautista, Jesús; Bosch Cartes, Joan
18-Nov-2013Enantio- and Diastereoconvergent Cyclocondensation Reactions: Synthesis of Enantiopure cis-Decahydroquinolines.Amat Tusón, Mercedes; Ghirardi, Elena; Navio, Laura; Griera Farres, Rosa; Llor Brunés, Núria; Molins i Grau, Elies; Bosch Cartes, Joan
2014Unsaturated Oxazolopiperidone Lactams: an Unexpected Domino-type Double Conjugate Addition<br>cyclization ProcessAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Llor Brunés, Núria; Checa Castaño, Begoña; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Bosch Cartes, Joan
5-Oct-2012Combined drug action of 2-phenylimidazo[2,1-b]benzothiazole derivatives on cancer cells according to their oncogenic molecular signaturesFurlan, Alessandro; Roux, Benjamin; Lamballe, Fabienne; Conti, Filippo; Issaly, Nathalie; Daian, Fabrice; Guillemot, Jean-François; Richelme, Sylvie; Contensin, Magali; Bosch Cartes, Joan; Passarella, Daniele; Piccolo, Oreste; Dono, Rosanna; Maina, Flavio
23-Jun-2016Synthesis of fluvirucins and their aglycons, the fluvirucininsAmat Tusón, Mercedes; Llor Brunés, Núria; Guignard, Guillaume; Bosch Cartes, Joan
21-Mar-2017Access to Enantiopure 5‑, 7‑, and 5,7-Substituted cis- Decahydroquinolines: Enantioselective Synthesis of (−)-Cermizine BPinto, Alexandre; Griera Farres, Rosa; Molins i Grau, Elies; Fernández Cadenas, Israel; Bosch Cartes, Joan; Amat Tusón, Mercedes