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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2018Multi-isotopic assessments of spatio-temporal variability of diet: the case of two sympatric gulls in the Western Mediterranean.Morera Pujol, Virginia; Ramos i Garcia, Raül; Pérez-Méndez, N.; Cerdà-Cuéllar, M.; González-Solís, Jacob
23-May-2018Community structure informs species geographic distributionsMontesinos-Navarro, Alicia; Estrada, Alba; Font i Castell, Xavier; Matias, Miguel G.; Meireles, Catarina; Mendoza, Manuel; Honrado, Joao P.; Prasad, Hari D.; Vicente, Joana R.; Early, Regan
31-Dec-2018The Mediterranean as a melting pot: phylogeography of Loxosceles rufescens (Sicariidae) in the Mediterranean BasinMassa, Marc; Planas, Enric; Ribera Almerje, Carles
1-Apr-2018Exploring the links between social metabolism and biodiversity distribution across landscape gradients: A regional-scale contribution to the land-sharing versus land-sparing debateMarull López, Joan; Tello, Enric; Bagaria Morató, Guillem; Font i Castell, Xavier; Cattaneo, Claudio; Pino i Vilalta, Joan
19-Mar-2018Impact of climate change on spider species distribution along the La Plata River basin, southern South America: projecting future range shifts for the genus Stenoterommata (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Nemesiidae)Ferretti, Nelson E.; Arnedo Lombarte, Miquel Àngel; González, Alda
31-Jul-2018Costs of breeding are rapidly buffered and do not affect migratory behaviour in a long-lived bird speciesRamos i Garcia, Raül; Llabrés, Victoria; Monclús, Laura; López-Béjar, Manel; González-Solís, Jacob
29-Mar-2018Characterization of the bHLH family of transcriptional regulators in the acoel S. roscofensis and their putative role in neurogenesisPerea-Atienza, E.; Sprecher, S.G.; Martínez Serra, Pedro
14-Feb-2018Dry habitats sustain high CO2 emissions from temporary ponds across seasonsObrador Sala, Biel; von Schiller, Daniel; Marce, Rafael; Gomez-Gener, Lluis; Koschorreck, Matthias; Borrego, Carles; Catalan, Nuria
2018Biogeographic Differences in the Microbiome and Pathobiome of the Coral Cladocora caespitosa in the Western Mediterranean Sea.Rubio-Portillo, Esther; Kersting, Diego K.; Linares Prats, Cristina; Ramos-Esplá, Alfonso A.; Antón, Josefa
16-Jul-2018'More Than Meets the Eye': cryptic diversity and contrasting patterns of host-specificity in feather mites inhabiting seabirdsStefan, Laura Mihaela; Gómez-Díaz, E.; Mironov, S.V.; González-Solís, Jacob; McCoy, K.D.