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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Electroresistance in non-tunnelling ferroelectric junctionsPrieto Viertel, Guillermo
Jan-2018Laser printing of passive electrical componentsMendoza Carreño, Jose
Jan-2018Leggett-Garg inequalitiesBordas Marchante, Eduard
Jan-2018Structural characterization of GaN nanowires using TEMPozo Bueno, Daniel del
Jun-2018Ultracold dipolar bosons trapped in quantum circuitsPelegrí Andrés, Joan
Jan-2018Analytical and Simulation of the phonon spectra inside a sphereMatínez Lahuerta, Víctor José
Jan-2018Testing the robustness of El Niño flavorsAgudetse Roures, Victòria
Jun-2018Cooperative dynamics of active heterogeneous systemsFalip i Garcia, Oriol
Jun-2018Introduction to the Hubbard ModelDíaz Jiménez, Juan Luis
Jan-2018Microscopy using non uniform polarizationPérez Aviñoa, Marcos