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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Big data analysis applied to EEL spectroscopySospedra Ramírez, Joan
Jun-2018Acoustic emission in sliding frictionMenéndez Vallejo, Laura
Jun-2018Localized plasmons in nanostructuresArqué López, Eduardo
Jun-2018Diagnosis of Physical Conditions in Herbig-Haro ObjectsAlgarra Santos, Astrid
Jun-2018Natural quenching of stellar formationAlfaro Rudilla, Víctor
Jun-2018Thermal cloaking via heat ux transformationBurillo Santamaria, Alejandro
Jan-2018Verifcation of dose calculations in a heterogeneous phantom using PRIMOOrtiz Catalán, Ramon
Jan-2018Interplay between [Delta] Particles and hyperons in neutron starsRibes Metidieri, Patricia
Jan-2018Characterisation of a Silicon Photomultiplier of 64 channelsVentura Barroso, Ana
Jun-2018Microwave optics experimentsGarcía Fernández, Miguel