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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2018Composite biomaterials as long-lasting scaffolds for 3D bioprinting of highly aligned muscle tissueGarcía Lizarribar, Andrea; Fernández Garibay, Xiomara; Velasco Mallorquí, Ferran; García Castaño, F. Javier; Samitier i Martí, Josep; Ramon Azcon, Javier
2-Jun-2015Impact of Galactosylceramide on the nanomechanical properties lipid bilayer models: AFM-force spectroscopy studyGumí Audenis, Berta; Sanz Carrasco, Fausto; Giannotti, Marina I. (Ines)
19-Dec-2016Structure and Nanomechanics of Model Membranes by Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Insights into the Role of Cholesterol and SphingolipidsGumí Audenis, Berta; Costa, Luca; Carlá, Francesco; Comin, Fabio; Sanz Carrasco, Fausto; Giannotti, Marina I. (Ines)
11-Jul-2018Pulling lipid tubes from supported bilayers unveils the underlying substrate contribution to the membrane mechanicsGumí Audenis, Berta; Costa, Luca; Ferrer Tasies, Lídia; Ratera, Imma; Ventosa, Nora; Sanz Carrasco, Fausto; Giannotti, Marina I. (Ines)
16-Jul-2019An ImmunoPEGliposome for Targeted Antimalarial Combination Therapy at the NanoscaleBiosca, Arnau; Dirscherl, Lorin; Moles Meler, Ernest; Imperial Ródenas, Santiago; Fernàndez Busquets, Xavier
1-Feb-2019Effect of specific over nonspecific VR-based rehabilitation on poststroke motor recovery: A systematic meta-analysisMaier, Martina; Rubio Ballester, Belén; Duff, Armin; Duarte Oller, Esther; Verschure, Paul
1-Jul-2019The plasma membrane as a mechanochemical transducerRoux, Anabel-Lise Le; Quiroga, Xarxa; Walani, Nikhil; Arroyo, Marino; Roca-Cusachs Soulere, Pere
8-Apr-2019Dynamic filopodial forces induce accumulation, damage, and plastic remodeling of 3D extracellular matricesMalandrino, Andrea; Trepat Guixer, Xavier; Kamm, Roger D.; Mak, Michael
12-Jul-2019Self-organized intestinal epithelial monolayers in crypt and villus-like domains show effective barrier functionAltay, Gizem; Larrañaga, Enara; Tosi, Sebástien; Barriga, Francisco, M.; Batlle, Eduard; Fernández-Majada, Vanesa; Martínez, Elena
Jul-2018TRPM7 controls mesenchymal features of breast cancer cells by tensional regulation of SOX4Kuipers, Arthur J.; Middelbeek, Jeroen; Vrenken, Kirsten; Pérez González, Carlos; Poelmans, Geert; Klarenbeek, Jeffrey; Jalink, Kees; Trepat Guixer, Xavier; Leeuwen, Frank N. van