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Title: Acyclic Classes of Nonrepresentable Homologies
Author: Casassas Massana, Pau
Director/Tutor: Casacuberta, Carles
Keywords: Homologia
Teoria de l'homotopia
Tesis de màster
Homotopy theory
Masters theses
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2014
Abstract: A homology theory is a collection of functors that assign to each topological space a collection of abelian groups and satisfy certain axioms. Since one of these axioms is homotopy invariance, homology theories are useful tools to study the homotopy type of spaces. This project is focused on homology theories defined over CW-complexes, as customary. Most of the authors restrict to a smaller class of homology theories: the representable homology theories. Representable homology theories have many nice properties, one of which is that they commute with directed colimits.
Note: Treballs finals del Màster en Matemàtica Avançada, Facultat de matemàtiques, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2014, Director: Carles Casacuberta
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