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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2010Alzheimer's disease modifies progenitor cell expression of monoamine oxidase B in the subventricular zonePugliese, Marco; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Gimeno-Bayon, Javier; Pujadas, Lluis; Billett, E.Ellen; Wells, Cherly; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole
Oct-2009Pattern of injury with a graded excitotoxic insult and ensuing chronic medial septal damage in the rat brainRodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Prats Galino, Alberto; Malpesa, Y.; Andrés, N.; Pugliese, Marco; Batlle, Montserrat; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole
2-Oct-2011Oral administration of the KATP channel opener diazoxide ameliorates disease progression in a murine model of multiple sclerosisVirgili, Noemi; Espinosa Parrilla, Juan Francisco; Mancera, Pilar; Pasten-Zamorano, Andrea; Gimeno-Bayon, Javier; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Pugliese, Marco
2001Calcium homeostasis in the central nervous system: adaptation to neurodegeneration.Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Adroer Martori, Rosa; Yebra, Lluïsa de; Ramonet i Jiménez, David; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole
Mar-2012Molecular Mechanisms of Acute Brain Injury and Ensuing NeurodegenerationOrtega González, Fco. Javier; Vidal Taboada, José Manuel; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José
24-Feb-2012ATP-dependent potassium channel blockade strengthens microglial neuroprotection after hypoxia-ischemia in rats.Ortega González, Fco. Javier; Gimeno-Bayon, Javier; Espinosa-Parrilla, J.F.; Carrasco Jordan, Josep Lluís; Batlle, Montserrat; Pugliese, Marco; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José
Feb-2009Drug abuse, brain calcification and glutamate-induced neurodegenerationRodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Pugliese, Marco; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole
14-Nov-2012Glibenclamide enhances neurogenesis and improves long-term functional recovery after transient focal cerebral ischemiaOrtega González, Fco. Javier; Jolkkonen, J.; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José
11-Nov-2005In vivo co-ordinated interactions between inhibitory systems to control glutamate mediated hippocampal excitability.Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Robledo, P.; Andrade, Carmen; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole
Dec-2011Microglia, Calcification and Neurodegenerative DiseasesVidal Taboada, José Manuel; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José