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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2016Dielectric characterization of multiferroic magnetoelectric double-perovskite Y(Ni0.5Mn0.5)O3 thin filmsCoy, L. E.; Fina, I.; Ventura, J.; Yate, L.; Langenberg, E.; Polo Trasancos, Ma. del Carmen; Ferrater Martorell, Cèsar; Varela Fernández, Manuel, 1956-
23-Jul-2018Importance of late fall ENSO teleconnection in the Euro-Atlantic sectorKing, Martin P.; Herceg-Bulic, Ivana; Bladé, Ileana; García-Serrano, Javier; Keenlyside, Noel; Kucharski, Fred; Li, Camille; Sobolowski, Stefan
Sep-2014Assessment of PM10 and heavy metal concentration in a ceramic cluster (NE Spain) and the influence on nearby soilsVicente, Ana Belen; Pardo, Francisco; Sanfeliu, Teófilo; Casalta, S.; Bech, Joan
7-Dec-2018Effect of linear polarizers on the behavior of partially coherent and partially polarized highly focused fieldsMartínez-Herrero, Rosario; Maluenda Niubó, David; Juvells Prades, Ignacio; Carnicer González, Arturo
13-Sep-2018Partially-coherent spirally-polarized gradual-edge imagingPérez Aviñoa, Marcos; Martínez-Herrero, Rosario; Vallmitjana i Rico, Santiago; Latorre-Carmona, Pedro; Juvells Prades, Ignacio; Carnicer González, Arturo
8-Feb-2018Synthesis of light needles with tunable length and nearly constant irradianceMartínez-Herrero, Rosario; Maluenda Niubó, David; Juvells Prades, Ignacio; Carnicer González, Arturo
13-Jul-2018Skilful forecasting of global fire activity using seasonal climate predictionsTurco, Marco; Jerez, Sonia; Doblas Reyes, Francisco Javier; Aghakouchak, Amir; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Provenzale, Antonello
3-Oct-2017Adaptation to flood risk - results of international paired flood event studiesKreibich, Heidi; Baldassarre, Giuliano di; Vorogushyn, Sergiy; Aerts, Jeroen C.J.H.; Apel, Heiko; Aronica, Giuseppe T.; Arnbjerg‐; Nielsen, Karsten; Bouwer, Laurens M.; Bubeck, Philip; Caloiero, Tommaso; Chinh, Do T.; Cortés Simó, Maria; Gain, Animesh K.; Giampá, Vincenzo; Kuhlicke, Christian; Kundzewicz, Zbigniew W.; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Mård, Johanna; Matczak, Piotr; Mazzoleni, Maurizio; Molinari, Daniela; Dung, Nguyen V.; Petrucci, O.; Schröter, Kai; Slager, Kymo; Thieken, Annegret H.; Ward, Philip J.; Merz, Bruno
14-Apr-2017Spatio-temporal evolution of a severe winter dust event in the Western Mediterranean: aerosol optical and physical propertiesTitos, G.; Pandolfi, M.; Ealo, M.; Pérez, N.; Sola Salvatierra, Yolanda; Sicard, M.; Comerón, A.; Querol, X.; Alastuey, A.
2018Spraying dynamics in continuous wave laser printing of conductive inksSopeña i Martínez, Pol; González-Torres, Sergio; Fernández Pradas, Juan Marcos; Serra Coromina, Pere
2012The Theme of Earth Day and the social perception of what is really happening to our planetMolina, Tomàs, 1963-
30-Oct-2017DRIHM (2US): An e-Science environment for hydro-meteorological research on high impact weather eventsParodi, Antoni; Kranzlmueller, Dieter; Clematis, Andrea; Danovaro, Emanuele; Galizia, Antonella; Garrote, Luis; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Caumont, Olivier; Richard, Evelyne; Harpham, Quillon; Siccardi, Franco; Ferraris, Luca; Rebora, Niccola; Delogu, Fabio; Fiori, Elisabetta; Molini, Luca; Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi; D'Agostino, Daniele
26-Jan-2018Changes in summer pressure patterns across the late 1960s and their influence on temperature trends on the Eastern coast of the Iberian PeninsulaFavà, Vicent; Curto, Juan José; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen
2010Une approximation à la prévision saisonnière des étiages et sécheresses en CatalogneLlasat Botija, María del Carmen; Zaragoza Alòs, Albert; Cabot, J.; Aznar, B.
2009The hydrometeorological forecasting in the framework of the european project FLASHLlasat Botija, María del Carmen; Atencia, A.; Garrote, L.; Mediero, L.
2008Flash-floods in Catalonia: the social perception in a context of changing vulnerabilityLlasat Botija, María del Carmen; López, L.; Barnolas, M.; Llasat-Botija, Montserrat
14-Jun-2016Meteorological analysis systems in North-East Spain : validation of SAFRAN and SPANQuintana-Seguí, Pere; Peral, C.; Turco, Marco; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Martin, E.
20-Jun-2008Characterization of a Mediterranean flash flood event using rain gauges, radar, gis and lightning dataBarnolas, M.; Atencia, A.; Llasat Botija, María del Carmen; Rigo, Tomeu
27-Mar-2013Floods in the North-Western Meditrerranean Region : presentation of the HYMEX database and comparison with pre-existing global databasesLlasat Botija, María del Carmen; Llasat-Botija, Montserrat; Petrucci, O; Pasqua, A. A.; Rosselló, J.; Vinet, F.; Boissier, L.
18-Mar-2010High-impact floods and flash floods in mediterranean countries: the FLASH preliminary databaseLlasat Botija, María del Carmen; Llasat-Botija, Montserrat; Prat Sabartés, Marc; Porcú, F.; Price, C.; Mugnai, A.; Lagouvardos, K.; Kotroni, V.; Katsanos, D.; Michaelides, S.; Yair, Y.; Savvidou, K.; Nicolaides, K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 290