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2021An evaluation of self-management outcomes among chronic care patients in community home-based care programmes in rural Malawi: A 12-month follow-up study.Angwenyi, Vibian; Bunders-Aelen, Joske; Criel, Bart; Lazarus, Jeffrey V.; Aantjes, Carolien
8-Jun-2020Context matters: a qualitative study of the practicalities and dilemmas of delivering integrated chronic care within primary and secondary care settings in a rural Malawian districtAngwenyi, Vibian; Aantjes, Carolien; Bunders-Aelen, Joske; Criel, Bart; Lazarus, Jeffrey V.
Sep-2018Moving to a strong(er) community health system: analysing the role of community health volunteers in the new national community health strategy in MalawiAngwenyi, Vibian; Aantjes, Carolien; Kondowe, Ketwin; Mutchiyeni, Joseph Zulu; Kajumi, Murphy; Criel, Bart; Lazarus, Jeffrey V.; Quinlan, Tim; Bunders-Aelen, Joske
2-Jul-2018Patients experiences of self-management and strategies for dealing with chronic conditions in rural MalawiAngwenyi, Vibian; Aantjes, Carolien; Kajumi, Murphy; Man, Jeroen De; Criel, Bart; Bunders-Aelen, Joske
21-Jun-2019Patient–provider perspectives on self‐management support and patient empowerment in chronic care: A mixed‐methods study in a rural sub‐Saharan settingAngwenyi, Vibian; Aantjes, Carolien; Bunders-Aelen, Joske; Lazarus, Jeffrey V.; Criel, Bart