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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2020Quantitative informant- and self-reports of subjective cognitive decline predict amyloid beta PET outcomes in cognitively unimpaired individuals independently of age and APOE ε4Sánchez Benavides, Gonzalo; Salvadó, Gemma; Arenaza Urquijo, Eider M.; Grau Rivera, Oriol; Suárez Calvet, Marc; Milà Alomà, Marta; González de Echávarri, José M.; Minguillon, Carolina; Crous Bou, Marta; Niñerola Baizán, Aida; Perissinotti, Andrés; Gispert, Juan Domingo; Molinuevo, José Luis; ALFA Study
13-Jul-2021Review of eating disorders and oxytocin receptor polymorphismsBurmester, Victoria; Nicholls, Dasha; Buckle, Alexis; Stanojevic, Boban; Crous Bou, Marta
1-Sep-2021The association between air pollutants and hippocampal volume from magnetic resonance imaging: A systematic review and meta-analysisBalboni, Erica; Filippini, Tommaso; Crous Bou, Marta; Guxens, Mònica; Erickson, Lance D.; Vinceti, Marco