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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2021Detection of abnormal neural enconding of speech sounds at birth using the frequency-following responseRibas-Prats, Teresa
20-Aug-2012Detection of simple and pattern regularity violations occurs at different levels of the auditory hierarchyCornella, Miriam; Leung, Sumie; Grimm, Sabine; Escera i Micó, Carles
2015Deviance-related responses along the auditory hierarchy: combined FFR, MLR and MMN evidenceShiga, Tetsuya; Althen, Heike Corinna; Cornella, Miriam; Zarnowiec, Katarzyna; Yabe, Hirooki; Escera i Micó, Carles
6-May-2021Early detection of language categories in face perceptionBaus, Cristina; Ruiz-Tada, Elisa; Escera i Micó, Carles; Costa, Albert, 1970-
8-Jul-2020Effects of cTBS on the Frequency-Following Response and Other Auditory Evoked PotentialsLópez Caballero, Francisco José; Martín Trias, Pablo; Ribas Prats, Teresa; Gorina Careta, Natàlia; Bartrés Faz, David; Escera i Micó, Carles
22-Sep-2008Electrophysiological indexes of the detection and processing of auditory distractorsCorral, María-José
30-Jul-2019Evoked and induced activity in the auditory nervous system: deviance detection and brainwave entrainmentLópez Caballero, Francisco José
22-Feb-2022Experimental Enhancement of Feelings of Transcendence, Tenderness, and Expressiveness by Music in Christian Liturgical SpacesLópez-Mochales, Samantha; Jiménez-Pasalodos, Raquel; Valenzuela, Jose; Gutiérrez-Cajaraville, Carlos; Díaz-Andreu, Margarita; Escera i Micó, Carles
6-Dec-2011Fast Detection of Unexpected Sound Intensity Decrements as Revealed by Human Evoked PotentialsAlthen, Heike Corinna; Grimm, Sabine; Escera i Micó, Carles
14-Mar-2008Gating of Auditory Novelty Processing by Emotional Context / Augment de processament de novetat pel context emocionalDomínguez Borràs, Judith
19-Oct-2016Involvement of the Serotonin Transporter Gene in Accurate Subcortical Speech EncodingSelinger, Lenka; Zarnowiec, Katarzyna; Via i García, Marc; Clemente, Immaculada; Escera i Micó, Carles
1992Localización neuroeléctrica de procesos cognitivosGómez, Carlos; Escera i Micó, Carles; Cilveti Portillo, Robert; Polo, M. Dolors; Diaz, Rosa; Portavella, Manuel
16-Dec-2019Motor auditory interaction: a window towards associative and predictive processingSpinosa, Vittoria
23-Mar-2021Neural encoding of voice pitch and formant structure at birth as revealed by frequency-following responsesArenillas‑Alcón, Sonia; Costa Faidella, Jordi; Ribas-Prats, Teresa; Gómez Roig, Ma. Dolores; Escera i Micó, Carles
2014Neuronal adaptation, novelty detection and regularity encoding in auditionMalmierca, Manuel; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria; Escera i Micó, Carles; Bendixen, Alexandra
15-Dec-2017Neurons along the auditory pathway exhibit a hierarchical organization of prediction errorParras, G. G.; Nieto-Diego, J.; Carbajal, G. V.; Valdes-Baizabal, C.; Escera i Micó, Carles; Malmierca, Manuel
16-Jul-2019Phonological Task Enhances the Frequency-Following Response to Deviant Task-Irrelevant Speech SoundsAlho, Kimmo; Żarnowiec, Katarzyna; Gorina Careta, Natàlia; Escera i Micó, Carles
1997Potencial de disparidad (mismatch negativity): características y aplicacionesEscera i Micó, Carles
2004Potenciales evocados cerebrales en el contexto de la investigación psicológica: una actualizaciónNúñez Peña, María Isabel; Corral, María-José; Escera i Micó, Carles
18-Dec-2020Psychology Meets Archaeology: Psychoarchaeoacoustics for Understanding Ancient Minds and Their Relationship to the SacredValenzuela, Jose; Díaz-Andreu, Margarita; Escera i Micó, Carles