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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Morphological and Magnetic Properties of Superparamagnetic Carbon-Coated Fe Nanoparticles Produced by Arc Discharge.Aguiló Aguayo, Noemí; Inestrosa Izurieta, María José; García Céspedes, Jordi; Bertrán Serra, Enric
2011Nanoparticles in SiH4-Ar plasma: Modelling and comparison with experimental dataGordiets, B. F.; Inestrosa Izurieta, María José; Navarro, A.; Bertrán Serra, Enric
20-Nov-2012Producción de Nanopartículas de Si Monodispersas Obtenidas Mediante Plasma ModuladoInestrosa Izurieta, María José
2008Simple holographic polarogramInestrosa Izurieta, María José; Chuaqui, Hernán; Aliaga-Rossel, Raúl; Favre, Mario; Mitchell, Ian; Wyndham, Edmund