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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2018Targeted-pig trial on safety and immunogenicity of serum-derived extracellular vesicles enriched fractions obtained from Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive virus infectionsMontaner Tarbes, Sergio; Novell, Elena; Tarancón, Vicens; Borràs, Francesc E.; Montoya, Maria; Fraile, Lorenzo; Portillo Obando, Hernando A. del
26-May-2016The machinery underlying malaria parasite virulence is conserved between rodent and human malaria parasitesNiz, Mariana De; Ullrich, Ann-Katrin; Heiber, Arlett; Blancke Soares, Alexandra; Pick, Christian; Lyck, Ruth; Keller, Derya; Kaiser, Gesine; Prado, Monica; Flemming, Sven; Portillo Obando, Hernando A. del; Janse, Chris J.; Heussler, Volker T.; Spielmann, Tobias
Jun-2023Viscosity of blood at the microscale infected by Plasmodium falciparumMasó Castro, Nil