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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2018Café, Revolución Verde, regulación y liberalización del mercado: Costa Rica (1950-2017)Montero Mora, Andrea
Oct-2019Comparative Energy-Landscape Integrated Analysis (ELIA) of past and present agroecosystems in North America and Europe from the 1830s to the 2010sMarull, Joan; Cattaneo, Claudio; Gingrich, Simone; González de Molina, Manuel; Guzmán Casado, Gloria I.; Watson, Andrew; MacFayden, Joshua; Pons Sanvidal, Manel; Tello, Enric
4-Feb-2021Comparison of two biophysical indicators under different landscape complexityYousefi, Maryam; Darvishi, Asef; Tello, Enric; Barghjelveh, Shahindokht; Dinan, Naghmeh Mobarghaee; Marull, Joan
16-Feb-2018Dialogues between Nature, Class and Gender: Revisiting Socio-Ecological Reproduction from Past Advanced Organic to Industrial Agricultures (Sentmenat, Catalonia, 1860-1999)Marco Lafuente, Inés
Mar-2020Dialogues on nature, class and gender: Revisiting socio-ecological reproduction in past organic advanced agriculture (Sentmenat, Catalonia, 1850)Marco Lafuente, Inés; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Tello, Enric
Jul-2020Economía circular: ¿Es posible un crecimiento sostenible?Cascón Izquierdo, Andrea
Jul-2016Energy-Landscape Integrated Analysis: A proposal for measuring complexity in internal agroecosystem processes (Barcelona Metropolitan Region)Marull, Joan; Font Moragón, Carme; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Tello, Enric; Panazzolo, Andrea
2021Ensenyar ODS a través de l'ApS: la importància de l'ensenyament actiu de les competències transversalsGrasa Martínez, Maria del Mar; Esparza Pagès, Mireia; Tello, Enric; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Alió, M. Àngels (Maria Àngels)
2008Explaining vineyard specialization in the province of Barcelona (Spain) in the mid-19th centuryTello, Enric; Badia-Miró, Marc; Cussó i Segura, Xavier; Garrabou, Ramon, 1937-; Valls Junyent, Francesc, 1966-
Sep-2022Explorar escenarios posibles de transición agroecológica con el modelo SAFRAPadró i Caminal, Roc; Tello, Enric
31-May-2022Exploring Agroecology Transition Scenarios: A Pfaundler's Spectrum Assessment on the Relocation of Agri-Food FlowsPadró i Caminal, Roc; Tello, Enric
20-Dec-2023Exploring Food System Transformations in Spain (1980-2021)Parajuá Carpintero, Noelia
Aug-2015Exploring the links between forest transition and landscape changes in the Mediterranean. Does forest recovery really lead to better landscape quality?Marull, Joan; Otero Armengol, Iago; Stefanescu, Constantí; Tello, Enric; Miralles Cassina, Marta; Coll, Francesc; Pons Sanvidal, Manel; Diana, Giovanna L.
1-Apr-2018Exploring the links between social metabolism and biodiversity distribution across landscape gradients: A regional-scale contribution to the land-sharing versus land-sparing debateMarull, Joan; Tello, Enric; Bagaria Morató, Guillem; Font i Castell, Xavier; Cattaneo, Claudio; Pino i Vilalta, Joan
Jun-2012Fertilizing Methods and Nutrient Balance at the End of Traditional Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean Bioregion: Catalonia (Spain) in the 1860sTello, Enric; Garrabou, Ramon, 1937-; Cussó i Segura, Xavier; Olarieta, José Ramón; Galán del Castillo, Elena
2004La fi del censal: reducció de l'interès o vaga de pensions? (1750-1861)Tello, Enric
2011'Formiguers', a historical system of soil fertilization (and biochar production?)Olarieta, José Ramón; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Masip Vilà, Gemma; Rodríguez Ochoa, Rafael; Tello, Enric
Jul-2018From feudal colonization to agrarian capitalism in Mallorca: Peasant endurance under the rise and fall of large states (1229-1900)Tello, Enric; Jover i Avellà, Gabriel; Murray, Ivan; Fullana, Onofre; Soto i Company, Ricard, 1954-
Apr-2018From vineyards to feedlots: a fund-flow scanning of sociometabolic transition in the Vallès County (Catalonia) 1860-1956-1999Marco Lafuente, Inés; Padró i Caminal, Roc; Cattaneo, Claudio; Caravaca, Jonathan; Tello, Enric
Apr-2021Geographic expansion and intensification of coffee-growing in Costa Rica during the green revolution (1950-1980): drivers and outcomesMontero Mora, Andrea; Badia-Miró, Marc; Tello, Enric