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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2024Considerations for establishing and maintaining international research collaboration: the example of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neurotoxicity (CIPN)—a white paperAlberti, Paola; Argyriou, Andreas A.; Bruna, Jordi; Damaj, M. Imad; Faithfull, Sara; Harding, Alice; Hoke, Ahmet; Knoerl, Robert; Kolb, Noah; Li, Tiffany; Park, Susanna B.; Nathan, P.; Tamburin, Stefano; Thomas, Simone; Smith, Ellen Lavoie
Jun-2014Correspondence between neurophysiological and clinical measurements of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: secondary analysis of data from the CI-PeriNoms studyGriffith, Kathleen A.; Dorsey, Susan G.; Renn, Cynthia L.; Zhu, Shijun; Johantgen, Mary E.; Cornblath, David R.; Argyriou, Andreas A.; Cavaletti, Guido; Merkies, Ingemar S. J.; Alberti, Paola; Postma, Tjeerd J.; Rossi, Emanuela; Frigeni, Barbara; Bruna, Jordi; Velasco, Roser; Kalofonos, Haralabos P.; Psimaras, Dimitri; Ricard, Damien; Pace, Andrea; Galie, Edvina; Briani, Chiara; Dalla Torre, Chiara; Faber, Catharina G.; Lalisang, Roy I.; Boogerd, Willem; Brandsma, Dieta; Koeppen, Susanne; Hense, Joerg; Storey, Dawn J.; Kerrigan, Simon; Schenone, Angelo; Fabbri, Sabrina; Valsecchi, Maria Grazia; CI-PeriNomS Group
1-Apr-2018Inconclusive evidence to support the use of minimally-invasive radiofrequency denervation against chronic low back painArgyriou, Andreas A.; Anastopoulou, Garifallia G.; Bruna, Jordi
10-Dec-2022Neurological Complications of Conventional and Novel Anticancer TreatmentsAlberti, Paola; Salvalaggio, Alessandro; Argyriou, Andreas A.; Bruna, Jordi; Visentin, Andrea; Cavaletti, Guido; Briani, Chiara
1-Apr-2021Perilesional edema in brain metastases as predictive factor of response to systemic therapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients: a preliminary studyAlemany, Montse; Domènech, Marta; Argyriou, Andreas A.; Vilariño, Noelia; Majós Torró, Carlos; Naval Baudin, Pablo; Lucas, Anna; Palmero, Ramón; Simó, Marta; Nadal, Ernest; Bruna, Jordi
16-Jul-2021Predictive Biomarkers of Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral NeurotoxicityVelasco, Roser; Alemany, Montserrat; Villagrán, Macarena; Argyriou, Andreas A.
1-Nov-2018Sphingolipid metabolism products: potential new players in the pathogenesis of bortezomib-induced neuropathic painAlé, Albert; Argyriou, Andreas A.; Bruna, Jordi