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27-Jan-2023Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Antimicrobial Resistance of Invasive<i>Escherichia Coli</i>Disease in Patients Admitted in Tertiary Care HospitalsDoua, Joachim; Geurtsen, Jeroen; Rodriguez Baño, Jesus; Cornely, Oliver A.; Go, Oscar; Gomila Grange, Aina; Kirby, Andrew; Hermans, Peter; Gori, Andrea; Zuccaro, Valentina; Gravenstein, Stefan; Bonten, Marc; Poolman, Jan; Sarnecki, Michal
15-Aug-2016The SAATELLITE and EVADE Clinical Studies Within the COMBACTE Consortium: A Public-Private Collaborative Effort in Designing and Performing Clinical Trials for Novel Antibacterial Drugs to Prevent Nosocomial PneumoniaFrançois, Bruno; Chastre, Jean; Eggiman, Philippe; Laterre, Pierre-François; Torres Martí, Antoni; Sanchez, Miguel; Esser, Mark T.; Bishop, Brian; Bonten, Marc; Goosens, Herman; Jafri, Hasan S.