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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Auger quenching-based modulation of electroluminescence from ion-implanted silicon nanocrystalsCarreras, Josep; Bonafos, Caroline; Montserrat i Martí, Josep; Domínguez, Carlos (Domínguez Horna); Albiol i Cobos, Jordi; Garrido Fernández, Blas
2-Sep-2005Conduction mechanisms and charge storage in Si-nanocrystals metal-oxide-semiconductor memory devices studied with conducting atomic force microscopyPorti i Pujal, Marc; Avidano, M.; Nafría i Maqueda, Montserrat; Aymerich Humet, Xavier; Carreras, Josep; Garrido Fernández, Blas
3-Mar-2008Direct modulation of electroluminescence from silicon nanocrystals beyond radiative recombination ratesCarreras, Josep; Albiol i Cobos, Jordi; Garrido Fernández, Blas; Bonafos, Caroline; Montserrat i Martí, Josep
17-Jun-2008Efficiency and reliability enhancement of silicon nanocrystal field-effect luminescence from nitride-oxide gate stacksPerálvarez Barrera, Mariano José; Carreras, Josep; Barreto, Jorge; Morales, A. (Ángel); Domínguez, Carlos (Domínguez Horna); Garrido Fernández, Blas
2011Metal-Nitride-oxide-semiconductor light-emitting devices for general lighting.Berencén Ramírez, Yonder Antonio; Carreras, Josep; Jambois, Olivier; Ramírez Ramírez, Joan Manel; Rodríguez, J. A.; Domínguez, Carlos (Domínguez Horna); Hunt, Charles E.; Garrido Fernández, Blas
31-Oct-2005Optical-geometrical effects on the photoluminescence spectra of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2Ferre, R. (Rafael); Garrido Fernández, Blas; Pellegrino, Paolo; Perálvarez Barrera, Mariano José; García Favrot, Cristina; Moreno Pastor, José Antonio; Carreras, Josep; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon
2009Si nanocrystal-based LEDs fabricated by ion implantation and plasma-enhanced chemical vapour depositionPerálvarez Barrera, Mariano José; Barreto, Jorge; Carreras, Josep; Morales, A. (Ángel); Navarro Urrios, Daniel; Lebour, Youcef; Domínguez, Carlos (Domínguez Horna); Garrido Fernández, Blas