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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2022Assessment of Efficacy and Safety Using PPAR-γ Agonist-Loaded Nanocarriers for Inflammatory Eye DiseasesMiralles, Esther; Kamma-Lorger, Christina S.; Domènech Cabrera, Òscar; Sosa Díaz, Lilian Elisa; Casals i Ribes, Isidre; Calpena Campmany, Ana Cristina; Silva Abreu, Marcelle
2012Basics of mass spectrometryBerdié Rabanaque, Lourdes; Casals i Ribes, Isidre; Fernández Vidal, Irene; Jáuregui Pallarés, Olga; Marimon Corbella, Rosa Maria; Perona Moreno, Joaquim; Teixidor Casamitjana, Pilar
27-Feb-2018Effect and Metabolism of lignans on gut microbiota and their impact on healthCreus-Cuadros, Anna
21-Aug-2019Ex-Vivo and In-Vivo Assessment of Cyclamen europaeum Extract After Nasal AdministrationFernández Campos, Francisco; Clares Naveros, Beatriz; Rodríguez Lagunas, María José; Jáuregui Pallarés, Olga; Casals i Ribes, Isidre; Calpena Campmany, Ana Cristina
2012Liquid chromatography - Mass spectrometryJáuregui Pallarés, Olga; Casals i Ribes, Isidre; Fernández Vidal, Irene
4-Feb-2015Optimization of a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the quantification of traces of taxanes in a Corylus avellana cell suspension mediumGallego, Ana; Jáuregui Pallarés, Olga; Moyano Claramunt, Elisabet; Palazón Barandela, Javier; Casals i Ribes, Isidre; Bonfill Baldrich, Ma. Mercedes