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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Apolipoprotein AV: Gene expression, physiological role in lipid metabolism and clinical relevancePrieur, Xavier; Huby, Thierry; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles; Couvert, Philippe; Chapman, M. John
Aug-2009Differential regulation of the human versus the mouse apolipoprotein AV gene by PPARalpha Implications for the study of pharmaceutical modifiers of hypertriglyceridemia in micePrieur, Xavier; Lesnik, Philipp; Moreau, Martine; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles; Doucet, Chantal; Chapman, M. John; Huby, Thierry
2-Nov-2016Poor glycemic control in type 2 diabetes enhances functional and compositional alterations of small, dense HDL3cGomez Rosso, Leonardo; Lhomme, Marie; Meroño, Tomás; Dellepiane, Ana; Sorroche, Patricia; Hedjazi, Lyamine; Zakiev, Emile; Sukhorukov, Vasily; Orekhov, Alexander; Gasparri, Julieta; Chapman, M. John; Brites, Fernando; Kontush, Anatol
7-Jun-2005Thyroid hormone regulates the hypotriglyceridemic gene APOA5*Prieur, Xavier; Huby, Thierry; Coste, Hervé; Schaap, Frank G.; Chapman, M. John; Rodríguez Rubio, Joan Carles