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12-Jul-2019Autophagy exacerbates muscle wasting in cancer cachexia and impairs mitochondrial functionPenna, Fabio; Ballaro, Riccardo; Martínez Cristóbal, Paula; Sala Cano, David; Sebastián Muñoz, David; Busquets Rius, Sílvia; Muscaritoli, Maurizio; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Costelli, Paola; Zorzano Olarte, Antonio
7-Aug-2015Combination of exercise training and erythropoietin prevents cancer-induced alterations.Pin, Fabrizio; Busquets Rius, Sílvia; Toledo Soler, Miriam; Camperi, Andrea; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Costelli, Paola; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Penna, Fabio
1995Muscle protein waste in tumor-bearing rats is effectively antagonized by a beta 2-adrenergic agonist (clenbuterol). Role of the ATP-ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic pathway.Costelli, Paola; García Martínez, Celia; Llovera i Tomàs, Marta; Carbó Carbó, Neus; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Agell i Jané, Neus; Tessitore, Luciana; Baccino, Francesco M.; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.
1993Tumor necrosis factor-alpha mediates changes in tissue protein turnover in a rat cancer cachexia model.Costelli, Paola; Carbó Carbó, Neus; Tessitore, Luciana; Bagby, Gregory J.; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; Baccino, Francesco M.