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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2018A conserved role for Syntaxin-1 in pre- and post-commissural midline axonal guidance in fly, chick, and mouseRos i Torres, Oriol; Barrecheguren Manero, Pablo José; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Schaettin, Martina; Roselló Busquets, Cristina; Vílchez Acosta, Alba del Valle; Hernaiz Llorens, Marc; Martínez Mármol, Ramón; Ulloa Darquea, Fausto Alexander; Stoeckli, Esther T.; Araújo, Sofia J.; Soriano García, Eduardo
18-Apr-2013A role for the tyrosine kinase ACK1 in neurotrophin signaling and neuronal extension and branching.La Torre i Vila, Anna; Masdeu Camara, Maria del Mar; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Moubarak, Rana S.; Río Fernández, José Antonio del; Comella i Carnicé, Joan Xavier, 1963-; Soriano García, Eduardo; Ureña Bares, Jesús Mariano
12-Oct-2011A signaling mechanism coupling netrin-1/deleted in colorectal cancer chemoattraction to SNARE-mediated exocytosis in axonal growth conesCotrufo, Tiziana; Pérez-Brangulí, Francesc; Muhaisen, Ashraf; Ros i Torres, Oriol; Andrés, Rosa María; Baeriswyl, Thomas; Fuschini, Giulia; Tarragó Clua, Maria Teresa; Pascual Sánchez, Marta; Ureña Bares, Jesús Mariano; Blasi Cabús, Joan; Giralt Lledó, Ernest; Stoeckli, Esther T.; Soriano García, Eduardo
24-Mar-2015Blockade of the SNARE protein syntaxin 1 inhibits glioblastoma tumor growthUlloa Darquea, Fausto Alexander; Gonzàlez Juncà, Alba; Meffre, Delphine; Barrecheguren Manero, Pablo José; Martínez Mármol, Ramón; Pazos Capell, Irene; Olivé, Núria; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Seoane Suárez, Joan; Soriano García, Eduardo
1-May-2003Effects of neurotrophins on synaptic protein expression in the visual cortex of dark reared rats.     Cotrufo, Tiziana; Viegi, A.; Mascia, L.; Berardi, N.; Maffei, L.
Jun-2024miR-519a-3p, found to regulate cellular prion protein during Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis, as a biomarker of asymptomatic stagesJácome, Dayaneth; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Andrés Benito, Pol; Lidón Gil, Laia; Martí Puig, Eulàlia; Ferrer, Isidro (Ferrer Abizanda); Río Fernández, José Antonio del; Gavín Marín, Rosalina
27-Feb-2018Neural Damage in Experimental Trypanosoma brucei gambiense Infection: Hypothalamic Peptidergic Sleep and Wake-Regulatory Neurons.Laperchia, C.; Xu, Yuan-Zhong; Mumba Ngoyi, D.; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Bentivoglio, M.
27-Jun-2013Paper de les Proteïnes Sinàptiques i l'Exocitosi en els processos de Guia Axonal i MigracióRos i Torres, Oriol
1-Apr-2015Regulation of patterned dynamics of local exocytosis in growth cones by netrin-1Ros i Torres, Oriol; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Martínez Mármol, Ramón; Soriano García, Eduardo
13-Nov-2018Syntaxin-1/TI-VAMP SNAREs interact with Trk receptors and are required for neurotrophin-dependent outgrowth.Fuschini, Giulia; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Ros i Torres, Oriol; Muhaisen, Ashraf; Andrés, Rosa María; Comella i Carnicé, Joan Xavier, 1963-; Soriano García, Eduardo