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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004[1,9-bid(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl-kn2)-3,7-dithianonane-k2S,S']palladium(II)bis(tetrafluoroborate)García-Antón, J.; Pons, Josefina; Ros, J.; Solans, Xavier, 1949-2007; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
Nov-20142-pyridylcyanoxime-NiII clusters with unusual topologies: lone pair-p interactions and magnetic propertiesEscuer Fité, Albert; Esteban Jarne, Jordi; Mayans Ayats, Júlia; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
1-Sep-20203,5-disusbtituted-N-hydroxyalkylpyrazole Cu(II) compounds: Anion effect on dimensionality, supramolecular structure and magnetic propertiesSoldevila-Sanmartín, Joan; Montaner, X.; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Pons, Josefina
19-Jan-2018A 2D rhomboidal system of manganese(II) [Mn(3-MeC6H4COO)2(H2O)2]n with spin canting: rationalization of the magnetic exchangeGarcia-Cirera, B.; Costa Sala, Ramon; Moreira, Ibério de Pinho Ribeiro; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Corbella i Cordomí, Montserrat
28-Dec-2020A captured room temperature stable Wheland intermediate as a key structure for the orthogonal decoration of 4-amino-pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7 (8H)-ones Galve, I.; Ondoño, R.; de Rocafiguera, C.; Puig de la Bellacasa, R.; Batllori, X.; Puigjaner Vallet, Ma. Cristina; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Vallcorba, O.; Teixido, Jordi; Borrell, J.
8-May-2017A combined crystallographic and theoretical study of weak intermolecular interactions in crystalline squaric acid esters and amidesProhens López, Rafael; Portell Bueso, Anna; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Bauzá, Antonio; Frontera, Antonio
2015A combined kinetico-mechanistic and computational study on the competitive formation of seven- versus five-membered platinacycles; the relevance of spectator halide ligandsAullón López, Gabriel; Crespo Vicente, Margarita Ma.; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Jover Modrego, Jesús; Martínez López, Manuel, 1957-; Pike, J.
20-Jun-2016A Ferromagnetic Salicylaldoximate/Azide MnII2MnIII6 Cluster with an S = 17 Ground State and a Single-Molecule-Magnet ResponseVicente Castillo, Ramón; El Fallah El Boufrahi, Mohamed Salah; Casanovas Bayo, Berta; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer, A.
20-Jun-2022A Hg(I) corrugated sheet assembled by auxiliary dioxole groups and Hg··· π interactionsSolans-Monfort, Xavier; Sánchez-Férez, Francisco; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Pons, Josefina
2015A Mn6 cluster inside a Mn10 wheel: characterization of a Mn16-oximate complex and the new tetrazole-2-pyridilketoneokimate ligandAlcázar, Laura; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer Fité, Albert
10-Jun-2014A new dinuclear copper(II) complex of unexpected formation with the 1-[2-(ethylamino)methyl]pyrazole ligand presents a curious Ferris wheel-like shape at supramolecular self-assemblyLópez Marzo, Adaris M.; Guerrero, Miguel; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Pons, Josefina
2014A New Family of Doubly Cyclopalladated Diimines. A Remarkable Effect of the Linker between the Metalated Units on Their CytotoxicityAlbert Mach, Joan; Bosque Pueyo, Ramón; Cadena, M.; D'Andrea Rodríguez-Vida, Lucía; Granell Sanvicente, Jaime Ramón; González, A.; Quirante Serrano, Josefina; Calvis, Carme; Messeguer i Peypoch, Ramon; Badía Palacín, Josefa; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
Aug-2019A novel type of organometallic 2-R-2,4-dihydro- 1H-3,1-benzoxazine with R = [M(η5-C5H4)(CO)3] (M = Re or Mn) units. Experimental and computational studies of the effect of substituent R on ring-chain tautomerismOyarzo, Juan; Bosque Pueyo, Ramón; Toro, Patricia; Silva, Carlos P.; Arancibia, Rodrigo; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Artigas, Vania; Calvis, Carme; Messeguer i Peypoch, Ramon; Klahn, A. Hugo; López, Concepción
3-Mar-2021A Novel, Extremely Bioavailable Cocrystal of PterostilbeneBofill, Lídia; Barbas Cañero, Rafael; de-Sande, Dafne; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Rafols Llach, Clara; Albertí, Joan; Prohens López, Rafael
1-Jul-2018A study of the properties, reactivity and anticancer activity of novel N- methylated-3-thiazolyl or 3-thienyl carbazoles and their Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexesReig Canyelles, Marta; Bosque Pueyo, Ramón; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Calvis, Carme; Messeguer i Peypoch, Ramon; Baldomà Llavinés, Laura; Badía Palacín, Josefa; Velasco Castrillo, Dolores; Lopez, Concepcion
2011Alkylation of oxazolones and related heterocycles through an SN1 reaction.Alba, Andrea-Nekane R.; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Moyano i Baldoire, Albert; Ríos Torres, Ramón
31-May-2017Alternative access to functionalized 2,8-ethanonoradamantane derivativesCamps García, Pelayo; Gómez Nadal, Tània; Otermin Esteras, Ane; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
3-Aug-2022Amide-Driven Secondary Building Unit Structural Transformations between Zn(II) Coordination PolymersEjarque, Daniel; Calvet Pallàs, Maria Teresa; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Pons, Josefina
May-2017An Unequivocal Synthesis of 2-Aryl Substituted 3-Amino-2,4,5,7-tetrahydro-6H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridin-6-onesBou-Petit, Elisabeth; Picas, Elsa; Puigjaner Vallet, Ma. Cristina; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Ferrer, Nabí; Sempere, Julià; Puig de la Bellacasa, Raimon; Batllori, Xavier; Teixidó, Jordi; Estrada-Tejedor, Roger; Ramon y Cajal, Santiago; Borrel, José I.
2014Anionic guests in prismatic cavities generated by enneanuclear nickel metallacyclesEsteban Jarne, Jordi; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer Fité, Albert